Ogham Aura and Soul-swap Gem
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Ogham Aura and Soul-swap Gem
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04-14-2014 02:37 PM
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Ogham Aura and Soul-swap Gem

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Right, I think I have got my head around the order of things occuring (or not occuring), but I just want to check.

Overall setting
A Warlord carrying Soul-swap gem within 5" of a Megalith with Ogham Aura activated and 4 bladesingers within 5" of the Megalith and 4" of the Warlord.

Situation the first
Warlord is attacked by the enemy which would cause enough damage to reduce their health point to 0 (and would normally be a case oh drat, there goes my carefully laid plans!)
First of all, I can make a protection roll from Ogham aura, 6+ and I don't suffer any damage (yay). But if I fail the roll, then the life points drop to 0, and soul swap gem can come into effect and I remove one of the bladesingers and the Warlord is heroically alive on 1 life point (well as heroic as you can be after just sacrificng one of your warband....). The poor bladesinger is removed with no chance of a protection roll as 1) life points were not reduced to 0, the model was removed, 2) the effect came from a friendly effect

Situation the second
Warlord is surrounded by some low grade enemy infantry, and the Baldric the druid has a cunning plan to get rid of the enemy, targets the warlord with Fennellyn's fireblast and scores a hit (yay?!). Unfortunately, the spell does enough damage to reduce the warlords life points down to 0 (oops Baldric). Ogham Aura will not help the warlord now as the damage came from a friendly attack by the soul-swap gem can be used and a(nother) bladesinger can be removed, restoring the heroic Warlord to one point (and for Baldric to apply some healing herbs via a nice cup of coffee to the warlord......)

Situation the third.
The Heroic (or by the look of things now, possibly verging on Undead) Warlord is hit by an attack from the enemy that generates a "damage causing" continuous effect. The Ogham arua protection can be attempted in order to stop the damage from the attack, but will not stop the continuous effect from taking effect (?).
Assuming that the Warlord (somehow) still has at least 1 life point left before the continuous effect take affect, then when the warlord is affected by the contiunous effect damage and is reduced to 0 life points, the Ogham Aura cannot provide protection from this damage, but the soul-swap gem can still be used and (yet) a(nother) bladesinger is removed, and the Warlord heroically (umm) continues in battle.
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04-14-2014 05:50 PM
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RE: Ogham Aura and Soul-swap Gem

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From my reading of the rules that all seems in order... Poor blade-slingers!
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04-16-2014 11:39 PM
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RE: Ogham Aura and Soul-swap Gem

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100% correct.

for the benefit of other players I will explain here that the key point is that protection rolls (from the Ogham aura) do not protect against Direct Damage or friendly attacks or from the damage of Continuous Effects. This is explained on p100 of the rule book.
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