Demarchon vs Duskborn Chieftain 250pt
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Demarchon vs Duskborn Chieftain 250pt
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03-28-2014 02:10 AM
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Demarchon vs Duskborn Chieftain 250pt

Zeria Offline

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This weeks game was a demo game with a friend who has long been wanting to have a try at the game but has so far been to busy with RL. Troglodytes caught his eye as a force and I decided to use Halodynes as so far I haven’t used them myself since buying them. We went with a 250pt game to have a decent size but not too big and a standard battle.

Halodynes warband

Demarchon with Doration of swiftness, Helm of Gods, Hoplon, Angelic gem, Major healing potion (82pts)
Sanctum Priestess with Healing hands, Seraphic Shield, Curse of fates (34pts)
Hoplites with 4 extra troopers (104pts)

Total 250pts

Troglodyte warband

Duskborn Chieftain with Shade Crushers, Dragon scale armour and Mask of Dusk (82pts)
Feral Hammerfist (38pts)
Ironhide Brutes with two extra troopers (80pts)
Flesh Pounder (48pts)

Total 248pts

As a demo game I set up first with my Demarchon on the left, Hoplites in centre , Priestess to their right and Syntarch on the far right. My opponent set up with the Fleshpounder on the far left, Chieftain to the right of him, Ironhide’s in centre and Hammerfist on the far right.

[Image: 2014-03-27190142.jpg]

Round 1

Going first I activated my warlord, handing out an extra action token to the Hoplites, moving forward once and giving one extra to the Priestess as well, with his remaining actions he moved forward another three times. The Hammerfist dashed forward on the far right flank followed by the Ironhide brutes moving forth to just behind the shallow pond (we where treating that as normal terrain and not difficult.) Hoplite troopers walked up to their warlord and went into a phalanx formation , on the far right the Syntarch moved up and slightly towards the centre around the house before placing counterstrike on himself. Fleshpounder advanced up along side the tree with the Chieftain moving up with him, the Chieftain also ordered the Brutes into a slam back tactic as well as giving slam back to himself. Finally the Priestess walked up and cast Seraphic Shield on the Hoplites after using divine blessing on herself to make sure the spell worked.

[Image: 2014-03-27191938.jpg]

Round 2

Priestess sustained Seraphic shield on the Hoplites and trogs who won priority elected to go first, in the far right flank the hammerfist advanced but only three times which was just outside the Syntarch’s counterstrike range by half an inch, he then left the other two tokens on the Hammerfist. Not wishing to advance my Hoplites just yet I decided to move the Demarchon back once and give the Hoplites an extra token move twice more then give the Syntarch an extra token too as well as giving him the grace of Archallon. Moving over twice the Priestess advanced to the right flank, concentrating on her casting to gain extra range she placed Curse of Fates on the Hammerfist. The troglodytes shuffled forward with the fleshpounder further left to flank the hoplites, the Chieftain advanced only slightly also giving out slam back again to the brutes and himself. Syntarch launched himself charging at the Hammersmith, after two sets off double attacks benefiting from the grace of Archallon and Curse of fate’s, the Hammersmith fell dead but not before he landed a single counter attack hit on the Syntarch. I followed up by moving the Hoplites forward along the side of the pond remaining in a Phalanx but spreading out into more of a line. Finally the Ironhide brutes walked forward mirroring the Hoplites and setting themselves up for a charge next round.

[Image: 2014-03-27194201.jpg]

Round 3

Seraphic Shield was sustained once more and Troglodytes won priority again, He made me activate first so I decided to try and delay the ironhide brutes from charging into the Hoplites, so he advanced as far forward as he could but sadly was short of melee range, so instead just camped his remaining one token. The Duskborn Chieftain gave an action token to the fleshpounder, one to the ironhide brutes as well as rage to the brutes, he then charged into the Hoplites far left trooper, slaying him easily slay moving into a second and killing him too. The Fleshpounder then charged in as well crushing the skull of one trooper moving once and killing a second trooper after a few blows. My Priestess moved forward and concentrated once more giving her the range to cast Curse of fates on the Ironhide brutes and also on the Fleshpounder. The Demarchon moved back towards the centre and gave grace of Archallon to the Hoplites as well as an extra token, the Syntarch also received an extra token. The ironhide brutes charged into the Syntarch and slew him easily, but the leader suffered some damage in return, with their remaining tokens they advanced back round and towards the Hoplites. At last the Hoplites advanced forward and surrounded the Fleshpounder using combined attack they swung several times at him and while it took many spears, the great creature eventually fell, the Curse of fates really paying off.

[Image: 2014-03-27201842.jpg]

Round 4

Sanctum Priestess sustained curse of fates on the ironhide brutes, Troglodytes won priority once again and decided to activate first, the Duskborn chieftain moved into the centre of the hoplites and killed their leader after a few swings and nearly killed the musician as well. Sanctum Priestess cast curse of fates at the Chieftain but I had forgotten about the mask of dusk and so the spell failed, she then moved forward to get into a better position. Demarchon charged across the pond into two of the Brutes, stabbing out he killed one but suffered some damage from counter attacks for doing it, deciding it was better to remove the small amount of damage he suffered I drank his healing potion. The brutes now had no action tokens left and so didn’t do anything with their activation, the Hoplites so then moved around the Chieftain more and using combined attack and a Mel bonus fighting stance they manage to put a decent amount of damage onto the Chieftain.

[Image: 2014-03-27204220.jpg]

Round 5

Curse of fate’s was sustained on the Brutes and Troglodytes again won priority, The chieftain swung his huge flails once more killing two Hoplites before he handed out rage to the Ironhide brutes and an extra token. The Hoplites attacked the Chieftain in return with a combined attack and Mel fighting stance, they managed to slay him with help from a few critical hits, they then with their remaining actions advanced next to their Warlord to protect his flank. Demarchon stabbed out at the Brute’s leader and nearly killed him but not quite, The Brutes then activated and put a serious amount of pain onto the Demarchon as well as killing one Hoplite, bringing their number down to only three troopers. Finally the Priestess seeing her warlord near death cast Healing hands repeatedly on to him after using divine blessing on herself. The healing brought him out of seriously wounded and back into a decent amount of health.

[Image: 2014-03-27205612.jpg]

Round 6

With little left on the table, the Priestess sustained the curse of fates once more and actually I won Priority roll and allowed the Brutes to activate first, they attacked picking a Mel fighting stance and killed one Hoplite fighter and also put the demarchon back into the seriously wounded. Priestess again cast multiple healing hands onto her leader and brought him back to almost fully healthy, Hoplites stabbed out and killed one Brute and the finally the Demarchon killed the leader of the brutes before giving out Defiant death to the remaining Hoplite’s and himself.

[Image: 2014-03-27210733.jpg]

Round 7

Curse remained on the Brute’s and I won Priority, allowing the brutes to attack first saw them slaying one Hoplite but he refused to die until later due to Defiant in death. Following up saw the Demarchon killing one Brute advancing round to the next and being healed more by the Priestess. The one dead and one bleeding to death Hoplite stabbed out at the Brute and killed him bringing the battle to a close.

[Image: 2014-03-27211508.jpg]


For using them a first time, I really enjoyed playing Halodynes, they seem to have a lot of interesting possibilities with all the items they can take and spell choices. My opponent also really enjoyed the game and is going to pick up the game as soon as he can. While he did make a few mistakes with some of his choices of movements, I feel he played very well and making sure to get a duel charge on my Hoplites he really put a pinch on Me, I feel though if he had also charged in his brutes at the same time they would have been very few left alive, while he took out the syntarch I believe it would have been the better choice.

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03-29-2014 01:44 AM
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RE: Demarchon vs Duskborn Chieftain 250pt

David Offline

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If your opponent had charged the Hoplites instead of the Syntarch, he probably would have won.

Ist good to see you already found some synergies in the Hoplites with your first time using them. Halodyne magic is very useful and versitile. You basically got 3 full Demarchons due to all the healing.
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03-29-2014 09:06 PM
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RE: Demarchon vs Duskborn Chieftain 250pt

Markgrafgero Offline

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If you are careful about positioning, you never suffer counter attacks because of the Halodynes reach weapons. Same reason because i wont bother with slam back tactic as duskborn. Does not work if your opponents have longer sticks.
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03-30-2014 10:15 PM
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RE: Demarchon vs Duskborn Chieftain 250pt

Nine Offline

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Sounds like another really interesting game. The halodynes seem to be a really interesting force.
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