Halodyne list building
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Halodyne list building
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03-21-2014 08:31 AM
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Halodyne list building

OpTi Offline

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Hey guys, there isn't much discussion here so I thought i'd start something up and try get something going.

The thing I wanted to get into is how people build their lists and the reasoning behind it. I'll start by putting up one of my lists and explaining what each piece is there.

Demarchon - This guy is a support piece untill late game where there isn't much left and he can safely go in and do some work
Doru - A simple cheap weapon
Mirror Shield - Anti-magic defense
Halo Ward Ring - Anti-continuous effects
Potion of Argathon - For the late game

Sanctum Priestess - A second support piece
Healing Hands - Cheap, easy to cast and has it's uses
Warcry - there's precious few things that can increase damage and from the Halodynes this being cast on a friendly target rather than debuffing an enemy helps keep her out of harms way but it is fairly difficult to cast.

Hoplites +1 - Hoplites, pretty solid basic infantry nothing much to say really

Hill Ogres +1 - Now we have the hard hitters, these guys really do perform when you need to kill something, Grace + Warcry and they do work

Cerberos - The list doesn't have anything that can easily deal with ethereal models and with not only enchanted attacks but +2 to melee damage rolls against demonic, spectral and undead as a bonus.

So thats one of the lists i've been working with and had some success, The list operates as a bit of a brick list centered around the Demarcon throwing out tactics left right and centre. With that in mind I figured why would I spend a ton of points on combat when I can make awesome use of all his abilities. So with that lets talk about the tactics:

Defiant in Death(DiD) prevents anyone from breaking through and allowing the units a chance to have a full counter attack before dying. The Hoplites with DiD are incredibly annoying to deal with and i've chained them out using the RNG 2 weapons to engage and prevent multiple models/units being able to charge at all as the Hoplites cannot die, in short DiD is just disgustingly good.

Grace of Archallon(Grace) is also amazing making even basic units like Hoplites able to hit high defence and combine that with Warcry and they become a serious threat to even warlords.

Sudden Feat(SF) in effect is like being able to give out another action to a unit and allows some other funky stuff like using Combined Attack then SF back into Phalanx.

The rest of the Demarchons abilities:
Archilochos - allow him to use gain the effect of phalanx
Heroic Valour - A free ACT to a unit/model within 2"
Reverence - This combined with the subfaction ability make it very hard to fail LEAD based tests

So the deployment and first 2 turns usually go the same with the Demarchon and Priestess central and a unit on either side and the Cerberos positioned wherever I feel it's needed, usually to support the Hoplites. Turn 1 I use the Priestess to put up Warcry on the Hoplites, this makes them significantly more threatening and the Ogres generally kill whatever they hit anyway. Turn 2 is the usual jostling for position but this is where I can be cheeky with the Hoplites and put 1-2 in annoying positions preventing charges or just being a nuisance to my opponent.

So yeah, thats 1 of my lists and some of the reasoning behind it. It doesn't include ALL of why's but I always like to keep some things up my sleeve Smile

Feel free to critique and/or add your own lists.
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03-23-2014 02:00 AM
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RE: Halodyne list building

David Offline

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So you string your 7 hoplites out across the front of the warband with 2 inches space, to act as a speed-bump?

That's nice for preventing units flanking your warband. The drawbacks are that you cannot use Phalanx (because they need base contact) and you cannot concentrate their attacks effectively. Some enemies could juzst walk through the gaps ignoring free-strikes and others could Smash through such a light wall, however, your plan is solid because it strips the charge Impetus out of the enemy warband because they waste it on the hoplites, and thereafter can perhaps move twice or perhaps not at all.

Its a big sacrifice but if you find that it works, then great. I have used Bladeslingers and Reaver Runts in a similar way, and never imagined to use Hoplites that way because of the strong benefit of Phalanx.

Buffed Hill Ogres ought to be able to make a very impressive Counter offensive at some Point, and because of the wide gaps in your frontage, they should be able to get in plenty of attacks against the juiciest Targets.

Okay I like your strategy and your warband composition is well-suited for that.

My warband depends totally on which subfaction warlord I feel like playing, but in General I prefer large warbands with lots of the cheapest troops and a couple of characters. That's just my preferred style of play.

If I am playing City-States, then I prefer the Demarchon because he is cheaper in Points than the Godquester (leaving me more points for units).
I also use the Demarchon as a buffing warlord and throw him into melee only towards the end with similar Equipment as yours.

1 Syntarch
1 Priestess
3 Units of Hoplites

I know it's not strategically flexible but it looks great on the table, and I love having lots of troops.

With all the buffs from the Priestess, Syntarch and Demarchon, the Hoplites become seriously dangerous. With so many troops, many opposing warbands cannot effectively break this warband, and the best they can do is grind them down with attrition to score a draw.

Naturally I protect the 3 buffing models very carefully because they are the key to victory. Out of necessity the Syntarch Needs to be further Forward to benefit from counter-Strike, followed by Vanguard Valor.

One unit of Hoplites advances forward with the other two Units just behind to either side, in a triangle Formation. The first hoplite unit in Phalanx bears the brunt of the offense, then my other two Units pile in. with Seraphic Shield (+1 ARM) and Phalanx, the Hoplites have DEF 14 and ARM 9.

Of course it does not always work out that way, but that's the General idea.

This is my fun city-States warband, but if I was playing competitively, then I my list would look more like yours.

Essentially if any enemy model charging the front unit Comes within 5 inches of the Syntach, he activates and Counts as charging. Because he charged, the unit of Hoplites behind him now benefits from Vanguard Valor ยด-1 ACT for the Charge). combining that with an ACT from the warlord, that unit now has 3 attacks each, and usually buffed with Grace of Achallon from the Demarchon, and the spell Warcry, and with sudden Feat, the unit can even use their combined Strike tactic for free.

Remember that adding 2 Action Tokens to the Hoplite unit of 10 models is essentially adding 20 ACT to my warband!

This is one of the most important core mechanics of the game. I basically leverage 2 ACT into 20 ACT, gaining 18 ACT for free.

With such merciless mathematics, I can win (or at least draw) with mediocre troops and simple strategies.

Let's see some more Halodyne warbands, strategies and combos from other Halodyne Players out there!
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07-14-2014 12:22 AM
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RE: Halodyne list building

OpTi Offline

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Righto, been a long time since I posted due to issues with having to move house blabla...

So since I made the initial post we had a tournament at out FLGS which i managed to pull out a 1st place victory, granted it was a little small due to people having to work but it was a really fun day with a bunch of guys I got into the game. The format was simple 300pts, 3 rounds with 2 lists optional.

I ofc took my halodynes and used the exact list I posted above plus an oracle list. I played the Demarchon list once while playing the oracle list twice.

1st match was with the Demarchon vs Mortans Centurion list, what really won me the game was being able to hold back the slower mortans with DiD on the hoplites stood in a wall in front of the Demarchon who was sat on the central objective claiming for most of the game. The hill ogres got picked off piece by piece by the scorpion but stopped the mortan player from taking the left objective. My cerberos held up the princeptor while the priestess used all 5 act to move and take the right objective for 2 turns.

2nd was Oracle vs Obs Nightmare Trogs. This was a central objective with a tower ruin circling it making a horrible death pit in the centre of the board, we packed our armies in there as best we could and played the attrition game with my hoplites being the hero's they are and sitting right in the middle taking the brunt of the damage while my hill ogres backed them up then the oracle and priestess sitting just out of the zone flinging spells at whatever the could. In the end I managed to get up on the attrition and wore him down to start scoring points.

Last game was a mirror match and I decided to play list chicken and drop my oracle list hoping they would go for their Demarchon list and I was confident I would destroy his army by blocking the bridges and throwing 4+ chain lightnings over the river(bridges of death scenario) every turn and as usual just let the ogres do their work. As it turns out they also went oracle and I was very worried I would get to cast any offensive spells. During deployment I saw 1 fatal flaw in that they put their entire army on 1 side, seeing this I responded by playing along and started moving to the same side leaving my ogres last then just throwing them to the opposite flank to go over the unguarded left side bridge. I then proceeded to block the right side bridge with the hoplites in phalanx and sat my oracle, priestess and familier just to the right of the central bridge.

My opponent thinking he can overpower me moved to the central bridge and quickly regretted not putting up faith on his sons of war with the 1st unit getting torn apart leaving only 1 member from the chain lightnings and the 2nd unit getting engaged by the hoplites.

I did get somewhat lucky by winning priority letting 1 of my casters get a volley of chain lightnings and my opponent responding by putting up faith. 1 son of war managed to get through and my oracle was oneshot but by this point my ogres were now right in the middle of the remains of his army and after demolishing the 2nd sons of war unit held up by the hoplites there was nothing left to oppose them and I had 2 full turns of scoring, all that was left was to mop up and chase the oracle round the board before the end of the round.

So was was this Oracle list?

Oracle - Provides some anti magic support but is also amazing at taking out low MAG/ARM units with chain lightning
Amulet of Mist - With her being soo squishy this just stop someone from trying to snipe her out
Sanctified Dagger - Negates the -1 from channelling and ends up being +1 from the Familier and increasing range adding to her survivability
Healing Hands - it's cheap and can really help with stopping anyone from just picking down the ogres a little at a time
Chain Lightning - Amazing anti unit spell and with trance it can even be used single target to take down tougher models
Killing Machine - Spell version of Grace, because missing a POW7 hit with circular slash SUCKS

Familier - Extends threat range and MAG of the Oracle

Sanctum Priest - A mini Oracle... yes please?
Healing Hands - As above
Curse of Fates - As mentioned in my last post there is precious few buffs to damage, this plus trance from the oracle can devastate even a high arm unit/model

Hill Ogres - everyone whoo plays me is terrified of these guys, even those I haven't played against have at least seen me play them and witnessed them rip an army apart if they are not dealt with

Hoplites - Had points spare and they are perfectly fine at holding up the enemy and when buffed suddenly become a serious threat your opponent may not have accounted for.

So another pretty long post, hoping to see some people post up their lists along with success and/or failures and even throw some criticism my way, with the release of the animated statue I have made some modifications to the oracle list that I need to test out which i Hope to get done this week if I can pick a statue up.
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09-10-2014 01:28 PM
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RE: Halodyne list building

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I'm running two lists at moment, one city state and one temple.

City State (not 100% city state):
Demarchon (w/ Palton, Spirit Shield, Helm of Gods, Waters of Truth, Halo Ward Ring) - His job is to sit in the middle of Hoplites and give them DiD and dispel continuous effects put on them
Priestess (w/ Healing Hands, Seraphic shield and Killing Machine) - Seraphic shield goes on Hoplites turn 1, killing machine turn 2 which equals one super buff group of ass kickers
UA Sacred Familiar - To help with casting
Syntarch - He's the bodyguard of the priestess
7 x Hoplites
Animated Statue

Oracle (w/ Sanctified Dagger, Major Healing Potion, Halo Ward Ring, Healing Hands, Chain Lightning, Curse of Fates, God Smite, Wrath of Gods) - Just a damage dealer.
UA Sacred Familiar
Priestess (w/ Healing Hands, Seraphic shield and Killing Machine) - For protection
Syntarch - He's the bodyguard of the priestess and Oracle
Sons of War
Animated Statue - for chanelling shenanigans
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09-10-2014 10:06 PM
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RE: Halodyne list building

David Offline

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How many points are these lists?

How many Sons of War?
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