Our Armoury - your favorites?


Since we haven`t really discussed the items of Wave 1, I thought, that it would be pretty nice to take a detailed look at our current items/spells.
What are your favorite items in the Wyldfolk Armoury, which spells do you like the most, are there items, which you don`t find really useful?

So let the discussion start Smile

Edit: Okay, then I will start with my thoughts concerning the Wyldfolk items; at first I will just take a look at each item and then in the end, I will summarize my thoughts and explain my favorite warlord equipment combination:
Let`s begin with the armor items: for the Pendragon I stick normally with the Cloak of Serpent Vines or the Mammoth Leather-Kilt; the Hauberk is not a valid option for me, because of his condition heavy infantry/heavy cavalry; and the Girdle of Mabhdus is quite nice, but personally I like boni on DEF or ARM a bit more (I tend to roll not high enough). The CoSV is quite nice with his bonus on DEF (together with the Dexterity Draft this means a possible DEF of 18) and the ability Advanced Deployment is a nice addition to the already great manoeuvreability of the Wyldfolk.
The M. L-K is quite nice, because of the same reasons as above, and has no immanent disadvantages.
For the Lord of Decay, I tend to take the Hauberk or the M. Leather-Kilt.
The reason behind this is, that in my Tuathan warbands, I keep my LoD in proximity to the Wycca Warriors (because of his Death Proofed ability), so it doesn`t hurt much, if this guy counts as heavy infantry. In combination with the Fire Dance Sporren, it isn`t that bad, if the LoD walks in the rear or on the wrong side. And an ARM of 9 isn`t such a bad thing, especially for the Wyldfolk Wink.
As I`m speaking about the LoD, let`s take a look on the Scythes: again, I have two Scythe options, which I like more than the others: the Gravewind Scythe and the Life Leecher. If I am facing opponents with high armor, I tend to take the Life Leecher because of the possibility of Direct Damage. Against opponents with standard ARM values, I`m quite content with the Gravewind Scythe with his higher POW of 5.
The widow bringer can also cause Direct Damage, but at the cost of life points, and the Life Leecher isn`t such expensive. The Deadman`s Scythe may be the right choice for very little games, but again it stands in the shadow of his other cousins.

Let`s take a look at the potion section:
The cheapest option is the Mistletoe Juice, which can be quite nice against the plagues of the Banebrood, but only for the bearer.
The next is the Glade Water. This could turn out to be pretty cool against Magistratum or Shadow Trolls warbands, because of additional direct damage. A unit of Cromlech Guards can turn out to be quite devastating, when using this in addition with their tactics Cleave.
The Healing Herb Extract is a healing potion, certainly a valid choice, but in general I prefer other potions.
Next is the Elixir of Vigour, which allows you to make a long charge. This is certainly not bad for an all out melee Pendragon, but again not my favorite option.
The potion of speed is much more interesting for my opinion. Both the Pendragon as the Farfarer can use it quite effectively: both warlords have some nice buffing tactics and so both of them can make a decent amount of attacks in addition (or the Farfarer could use his arrows more effectively and shoot as many times as possible).
Last, but not least, we have the Dexterity Draft. This nice potion gives me some boni on MEL, MIS, and DEF. As I said before, I like such boni very much. Together with the CoSV or the M-L Kilt, the Pendragon can have a DEF of 18 for one turn. That is not bad at all. Or a Farfarer can have a MIS of 10 (again great in combination with an arrow).
So, if I have the points for them, I would normally take one of the last two potion options.

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