Mortan Moloch WIP

The Moloch will have two optional tails, or you can leave it without a tail. It also have optional horns for the head.

Its not easy to see from These photos but the beast is covered in pox pustules and rotting flesh.

[Image: 1800327_368971829909366_782736719_n.jpg]

[Image: 1656187_368971863242696_110159207_n.jpg]

Constructs of the living-dead are routinely fashioned by the necromancers of the Magistratum from the rotting corpses of multiple beasts. Every creation is unique, but one general type particularly favored by the Magistratum is the Moloch – an immensely powerful and unsubtle mountain of putrid flesh.

The massive back legs of a Wyvern, Mastodon or Slothodon are often used to provide thundering locomotion, while the heads are commonly those of rhinos, buffalos or other creatures with horns. For the spine, those of Sabrefangs and Vargs are preferred for flexibility, while the front legs are ideally taken from a Manticore or griffon. Another key ingredient is that of a tail – usually from a Sandosaur or crocodile. The raw carcass is then embellished with fangs, claws, tusks, scales or scraps of armor.

[Image: 1969256_368971926576023_377242290_n.jpg]

Construction begins with collecting the gory materials and cleansing them of all spiritual residue. They are then carefully chiseled into shape and locked into place with joints of boiled leather and metal pins, while metal braces are used to reinforce the decomposing carcass.

[Image: 1496769_368972013242681_1758827399_n.jpg]

The Cadaverian Halls where this grisly craftsmanship is conducted are nauseating blood-spattered pits, ankle deep with the sloshing putrid remains of flesh and guts. The artful procedure of tailoring the creation is overseen by a Necromagus, who is assisted by butchers and surgeons. Once the physical procedure is complete, the rites of re-animation are conducted. The souls of humans are too weak to animate a Moloch and the spirits of animals too feral, so the Necromancers summon and trap within the Moloch the spirit of a Demon, Djinn or similar entity.

Molochs are primarily used to crush heavy units, and once engaged they gore with their jaws or thrash around with tails which are whips the size of a tree. However, the terrifying appearance of such an unnatural assemblage of gangrenous undeath can scatter the enemy even before combat is joined!

[Image: 1898060_368971963242686_465344376_n.jpg]
Horror – This giant maggot-eaten assemblage of rotting flesh is a terrifying sight.
Reek – The putrid smell of the Moloch causes opponents to retch and vomit in its vicinity.
Undead – The Moloch is an undead construct reanimated with necromantic rites.
Death-Breath – The Moloch exhales a cloud of fetid breath from its festering lungs, choking those nearby with pestilent, nauseating gas.
Flesh-Hammer – Molochs are not known for subtlety; when they charge an enemy they slam into it with hundreds of pounds of bone and decomposing flesh.
Septic Spit – The contents of its necrotic stomach are spewed in a toxic shower of diseased horror.


So far it's looking super sweet

"So you want to save Prince Albert and decide the fate of hong kong, by playing a game of cricket agaisnt Fu-man-chu?....hand me another beer and i will see what i can do"

Looks good.
And BIG!
What's the scorpion tail in front of the second-last picture?
Is it an "option" or something for a different model?

should be the afore mentioned option.

It looks already pretty nice.
I like it that there will be options for the tail and the horns, since I want to field two of them in my Mortan warband.

It will be definitely a lot fun to paint this model Smile

Looking good so far! My Mortans buddy will be pleased.

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