Fomorian Guthackers Preview

A Carnival of Slaughter

New cloven hoofed brutes are about to join the ranks of the Banebrood.

Bison-head Brood are known for their magnetic attraction of Urghast energy, and Banebrood Shamans can tap this pool of energy for their mutation magic. Despite their magical nature, not all Bisonbrood end up as Shamans, and the elite fighting packs of these Bisonbrood are called Gut-Hackers – ferocious warrior-beasts armed with great war-picks.
[Image: 04f3b852e88fd50c185cdab5d378416e_large.jpg?1392383454]
Such monsters are classified by their size as Fomorians and defer only to Minotaurs and Gorelords, since they are massively powerful and have foul tempers. In battle Gut-Hackers wear furs, leathers, chains and bits of metal armor stripped from their victims’ corpses.
Their ferocity is well conveyed in these deliciously brutish sculpts.

Awesome <3
can't wait!

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they look sooo cool and a great natural tones paint job really shows them off well

"So you want to save Prince Albert and decide the fate of hong kong, by playing a game of cricket agaisnt Fu-man-chu?....hand me another beer and i will see what i can do"

where are you guys? Sad

[Image: polanduserbar.png]

Happy that I picked the banebrood.
I hope the casting goes well....

Nice casting but I don't understand why they are so small. I thought they'd be bigger than the Mongrels but they seem smaller. I haven't assembled them or put them next to my Mongrels but that was my first impression when I unboxed them tonight.

I just held my guthackers next to a mongrel, and they are about the same height, physically. However, the guthackers have a 40mm base, which gives them playing qualities of a physically taller model, even though they see eye-to-eye with the mongrels. so, virtually, they ARE taller.

Virtual size aside. Wink

I've just put the physical models beside each other & all the Mongrels are taller than the Guthackers (head to toe). Coupled with the longer horns, extended weapons & smaller bases I don't have the impression that the Guthackers are bigger than the Mongrels.

On the positive side, I found the Guthackers to be MUCH easier to assemble than the Mongrels.

yeah, they should be bigger, than they would be more fearsome Wink

but for story reasons, they are "formorian size" which ist not the biggest race. still waiting for the printed book, so i don't know it for sure.

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