Mask of Dusk
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Mask of Dusk
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02-09-2014 12:20 AM
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Mask of Dusk

laphrugg Offline

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We meanwhile played three times a game Mortans vs Troglodytes (Centurion vs Duskborn Chieftain) in the ReckenEcke in Dresden/Germany.

The last two games we had the following effect: All other Troglodyte Units where eliminated, but the duskborn chieftain managed to win the game alone. He was equipped with the mask of dusk and the dragonscale armor.

In particular the last game evolved to the following situation: On the MortansĀ“ side a unit of four legionnaires, the mortifex, the Scorpio, and the princeptor. Maybe about half of them with full life points, rest of them moderately hurt, one of the unit members almost down. The Centurion was gone already. On the opposite side the Duskborn Chieftain alone (!).

The mask of dusk costs 6 points only and has the following two effects, because the Chieftain is immune against distance weapons and magic attacs:

1. the Scorpio changes into a piece of nothing that even hinders the two attached unit members from moving fast, because as a unit they have to stay close to the (slow) equipment. Once they finally get into MEL distance they can not really effectively influence the outcome the game, because the have only limited melee abilities.

2. The spells of the mortifex do not have an effect so he can be used as a character that has similar abilities as a standard member of the legionairs unit, only.

With the dragonscale armor the chieftain has his standard defense of 13 which is pretty ok and an extraordinary ARM value of 11. So even if an attack gets through, there is only a moderate chance that there is some minor damage (and he is able to stand a lot of damage). And at the end of his activation the Duskborn Chieftain even recovers D3 lifepoints.

Bottom Line: With his four attacs (6 action tokens, that makes 2 double attacks with the Shadecrushers) the chieftain had no problems to win the game.

I like it, because I am on the Troglodytes side Smile, but it seems a little unbalanced.

Main question is: Are we doing something wrong here?
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02-09-2014 04:40 AM
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RE: Mask of Dusk

David Offline

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Some warband and items compositions have good advantages against some specific other warbands. This is particularly true of small warbands.

Your best option against such a warband is to equip and buff your Centurion for delivering massive damage. If I was playing Mortans in this Situation, I would use the Necromagus to buff the Centurion with Imperial Blessing spell (+1 POW), then use the Centurion's Ancestral Pride tactic (+1 POW) on himself, as well as powerful fighting style (+1 POW).

Equip him with the Meteroic Spathe and Reagent of Strength. In this case he will be at POW4 with the spathe attacks and +3 POW bonus. So a POW of 7 in every attack is pretty good against Troglodytes.

Once in melee with the Chieftain, the Centurion should drink the Reagent of Strength, giving the Centurion POW 9!. Remember he has 5 attacks per turn (using his Close-Quarter Fighter ability.

Order the Princeptor's tactic Campaign Veteran to the Centurion. This gives him +1D6 for determining critical hits. This greatly increases his chances of scoring a crit with his 5 attacks per round.

Also consider his Meteoric Spathe does 3D6 Damage rolls on any critical hits (in addition to +1 direct damage), so this is a fantastic combo.

With a MEL of 8 vs. the Chieftain's DEF of 13, the Centurion Needs 5+ to hit with his 5 attacks per turn!

So in summary, that's an 83.29% chance of hitting the chieftain with 5 attacks per turn at POW7, (and POW 9 for one round). Plus great chances for scoring mega-damage with a crit.

Another option, use the Imperial Blessing and Ancenstral Prode on the Legionnaires, as well as Powerful fighting style, then they will have POW5, and hit DEF13 on a 7+ (58.30% probability). After they all make an attack, then they go into Testudo until the start of their next round. In Testudo they have DEF15 and ARM11 (that's better than the Duskborn Chieftain).
With several turns they will gradually wear him down.

Another option - use the Princeptor to keep the Chieftain busy during rounds 3-5. with his parry ability, the Princeptor can last a long time. If you Keep him busy in those key rounds you can win the Scenario on the rest of the board.

But Mortans are not restricted to using only these models. the recently released Praetorian Carnifexors will turn the Chieftain into mince-meat (they have basic POW6 and MEL7).

Or surround the Chieftain with 10 Legio Mortum, and keep topping them up with the Raise Legionnaire spell. That will keep him busy.

Another suggestion - Play scenarios besides open battle. This adds a lot more fun to the game.
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02-09-2014 11:09 AM
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RE: Mask of Dusk

Huscarl Offline
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I would faze the Duskborn Chieftain with a unit of 4 or 5 Praetorian Carnifexers an keep a Necromagus and a unit of Legio Mortum behind. Then I would buff the Carnifexers with Imperial Blessing and transfer damage with Transmortis.

Edit Sorry, laphrugg, I misread it before.
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02-09-2014 07:15 PM
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RE: Mask of Dusk

Markgrafgero Offline

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When i play a heavy armored chieftain gainst Legionaries he gets often slayed to death with critical hits. You dont need high pow to kill someone when you have direct damage.
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02-13-2014 12:38 AM
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RE: Mask of Dusk

laphrugg Offline

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Thank you for all the answers. We will certainly try it out.

Meet me in Dresden in the ReckenEcke.
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