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Exhaustion limit and charges
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02-01-2014, 03:34 AM
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RE: Exhaustion limit and charges

Khazrak Offline

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From my experience, I can tell, that this wasn't much of a problem until now and I made some games, so far. Sure, very high movement ranges in only 1 turn can be possible but then everything has to work as intended: the opponent moves in a good position for you, the charge has to be succesful, you have to destroy your whole enemy with your charge attacks in order to avoid free strikes and then you need another range, that you HAVE to reach with your leftover movement.

Like Skylifter said, this is only useful for a hit-and-run tactic (which Banebrood excel at in my eyes).

But like I learned from another thread: if you plan something and everything works in your favour and as you have planned it, then the results are allowed to be really impressive. Smile
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02-01-2014, 09:01 AM
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RE: Exhaustion limit and charges

Raoul Offline
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Indeed, to charge and then be able to make and profit from enough movement to use up ones exhaustion limit is a rather seldom affair. But it is legit and can lead to some interesting maneuvers. Smile
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02-01-2014, 10:47 AM
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RE: Exhaustion limit and charges

Skylifter Offline

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Light Cavalry Warlord/Character, I'm looking at you! Big Grin

3*MOV (which is probably 4) + 2 charge range = 14 inch charge, possibly 2-ACT-attack, slay movement, 4 ACT of moving back...

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02-01-2014, 12:48 PM
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RE: Exhaustion limit and charges

Zeria Offline

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Yeah defeantly will lead to some nice moves, might not always pull back it could lead to a unit charging something in the middle then swinging out wide and hassling flanks, the possibilities go on and on. Just wanted to make sure I was reading the rules correct or there was a slight wording error, so happy to see there wasn't and its all good Smile thanks again guys for the responses.
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02-01-2014, 07:02 PM
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RE: Exhaustion limit and charges

David Offline

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Yeah, the rules were designed this way to encourage strategic set-up of charges. this normally requires A) clever maneuvering or B strategic choice of when to activate, C) Setting up sacrifice models to draw in the enemy or D) just plain risking your own unit in the priority roll.
We want such offensive / strategic play to be rewarded as this helps make the game more dynamic and exciting.

It also especially helps light models become viable warbands.

Heavy armor and heavy weapons are an obvious advantage allowing regular infantry and heavy infantry elites to do great damage or absorb massive damage.

It's when you analyse the more subtle aspects of the rules that you see how cool fast, light models are.

Wave-2 Fiannor subfaction will have a Light-Cavalry character.

But you can already create a MOV5(!) Light Infantry warlord by casting upgraded Long Legs on the Gorelord!

he, he, he...
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