Banebrood vs Mortans (250pts)
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Banebrood vs Mortans (250pts)
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01-17-2014 05:20 AM
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Banebrood vs Mortans (250pts)

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Banebrood vs Mortans (250pts)

Once again I was giving a demo game to a friend at my local gaming club (different friend from last game.) Its actually the second demo game of that day as I had played one against another friend earlier but that one didn’t have time to be concluded, the forces are outlined below.

Banebrood (My warband)

Gorelord with hornplate armour, Bleeder, fleshmorph draft and screaming heads. (83pts)
Fallow Shaman with Jellify and Cripple (37pts)
Pestbringer with gutrot plague and heartkill plague (44pts)
Ursapine (38pts)
Maldire Mongrels core (48pts)

total of 250pts

Mortans (my friends warband)

Centurion with reagent of strength, imperial heirloom, reinforced segmentum and reinforced scutum (70pts)
Necromagus with ancestral rites, imperial blessing and soulstone martyr (37pts)
scorpio (32pts)
legionnaires core with two extra troopers (78 pts)
princeptor (32pts)

total of 249 pts

again it was a standard open battle due to being a demo game, my opponent picked sides and I deployed first. Mongrels to the left with pestbringer and shaman behind, followed by the Ursapine to the right of them and gorelord to the far right. The mortans set up opposite and to the slight right, legionnaires in the middle bricked up, necromagus to the left, centurion and princeptor to the right of them then finally the scorpio to the right hand side of the whole group. I knew the pool in the middle was going to slow me down and I had to move over fast before the scorpio took too much toil on my warband so my plan was to swing around both sides and use a pincer movement on his forces.

[Image: 2014-01-16192053.jpg]

Turn 1

Mortans won the priority roll and forced me to go first, so I activated the ursapine moving him forward till he was in front of the tree to the left of the pool and used bristle pine tactics. The scorpio unleashed a shot just missing the range to hit the ursapine, the crew quickly gauged once to increase the range and fired again this time hitting their mark and knocking half the great bear’s life away as well as backwards two inches. The Fallow shaman moved behind the mongrels into the pool wading through it as fast as possible, following suit the pestbringer started to move forward rapidly past the ursapine’s left flank after giving the mongrels gutrot plague.
Legionnaires replied by advancing in a tight march and using testudo settled down forward of their former position with the wood to their left. Bringing up the gorelord along the right side of the pool, he issued forth with a bestial howl and ordered the mongrels to a howling madness. Far in the back the centurion gave out an extra action token to the necromagus and princeptor before advancing in front of the scorpio, the necromagus performed two successful rites of the ancestors gaining two ancestral tokens. Finally for the banebrood the the mongrels ducked and weaved before running up besides the ursapine. For the Mortans last activation the princeptor advanced on the far right and went into a parrying stance.

Turn 2

The mortans won the priority roll and forced me to go first again, the pestbringer advanced as far as possible swinging around the in front of the wood, attempting to throw a corpse at the tight knit legionnaires but the shot failed horribly and it scattered into the forest. The scorpio barked out again striking the ursapine once out of the two shots nearly putting him into seriously wounded, waiting to see what I did my opponent elected to not activate another model . The fallow shaman advanced further through the water of the pool and attempting to bring himself with range for his magic mutations, the centurion the followed up giving out action tokens to the princeptor ,legionnaires and necromagus as well as coordinated charge to the princeptor and legionnaires.

[Image: 2014-01-16195242.jpg]

The Ursapine move forward once then threw a pine at the closest legionnaire but missed its mark and using the last of his actions death rolled over the top of the unit, ending his roll so it was perfectly behind them but even though he passed through the entire unit only one legionnaire was damage by the spiked ball and that legionnaire failed to be effected by the poison. (I had hoped for a quite a few more damage and poison across the unit to soften them up but it was not to be.)

[Image: 2014-01-16200219.jpg]

Seizing the chance the princeptor used campaign veteran and charged the ursapine, he swiftly put the already injured creature down before moving back into position where he was before the charge. The legionnaires then activated and threw their pilum's into the pestbringer and charged him. It took four out of the six troopers to put the disease spreader down between reek and his good defense, but the legionnaires had enough left in them to advance backwards into a brick formation again after killing him off. Furious the gorelord activated and gave the mongrels howling madness once more as well as an extra token and himself bestial bellow, before advancing further up the water pool keeping the tree between him and the scorpio’s line of sight, the Mongrels rushed forward putting themselves in a decent range of the legionnaire’s for next turn. Last of all the necromagus continued with his rites but only gained one token as he failed one of his castings.

[Image: 2014-01-16202556.jpg]

Turn 3

The priority roll again did not go in my favor and this time the mortans wanted to go first, activating his legionnaires he gave them the testudo order after advancing backwards twice more. The fallow shaman moved forward and used spirit drinker harming one of the mongrels before attempting to cast jellify onto the legionnaires, but he failed even with the spirit of his fellow banebrood. The Mongrels then charged the legionnaires (I would have liked to have activated the gorelord first to get howling mad and an extra token but I felt as I had to force my opponent to staying put and to deal with the mongrels.)With their very impressive charge range all the mongrels made it into battle and succeeded in killing one legionnaire and damaging one other, (sadly only one legionnaire caught gutrot plague and that was the one that died.)

[Image: 2014-01-16203304.jpg]

Mortan’s replied by firing the scorpio into the fallow shaman nearly placing him into seriously wounded in one shot and pushing him back two inches, the second shot hit and he almost died with only three life left. The centurion then launched himself into battle using his close quarter fighting skill to great effect and killing two mongrels before backing away to the side of his legionnaires once more and giving the princeptor and necromagus an extra token. Seeing he really needed to get into battle the gorelord lunged forward, moving four times up and into combat with the princeptor hoping to slay him swiftly and get back a token but he missed his target. For the first time all game the necromagus moved and cast ancestral rite once more gaining an ancestral token and then placed imperial blessing on the princeptor, who then attacked the gorelord standing in front of him. With the first bit of luck going my way of the battle he missed every swing apart from one and only put three damage on the mighty warlord.

[Image: 2014-01-16204934.jpg]

Turn 4

Mortans won the priority roll again and elected to go first, but before the rounds activations started the skulls on the back of the gorelord screamed at the legionnaires who failed their test and wouldn't be receiving or giving any tactics this round. The necromagus sustained imperial blessing on the princeptor and the centurion drank his reagent of strength and charged the gorelord, after a brief exchange which saw a hefty amount of damage from counter attacks being placed on the centurion the gorelord fell lifeless to the ground. With few models left I elected to do the best I could before going down and so activated the wounded shaman and moved once on his damaged hooves and successfully cast jellify onto the legionnaires, the two remaining mongrels moved once to get into better position and attacked with ambidextrous fighter killing two of them. With all my activations done for the turn I sat back and watched as the princeptor charged one of the mongrels killed it and slay moved into the second killing that also. The Legionnaires advanced forward and huddled together but couldn't order any tactic so had to just stand there, the necromagus stayed at the back in safety and the scorpio fired but missed the remaining banebrood model.

[Image: 2014-01-16211551.jpg]

Turn 5

As they had for every turn the Mortans won priority and went first, necromagus sustained the imperial blessing and the princeptor charged the fallow shaman. One blow later and no damage from a counter attack saw the shaman’s head bounce across the field.

[Image: 2014-01-16211847.jpg]

All in all it was a really fun game and I definitely learned a lot, my opponent used the Mortans really well tactically and I feel that in return I handled the banebrood badly.I effectively feed him two important models right away while not gaining much in return for their sacrifice. While luck aways plays a factor in every game it definitely didn't go my way in this one and I was rolling badly while he was rolling well, such as not winning a single priority roll all game. I think the presence of the scorpio made me rush across the field to rapidly and not moving as a solid formation of two pincers as planned, if I had the combination of de-buffs of mutations and disease would have hopefully been able to break the legionnaires and princeptor. But all in all the scorpio did do a lot of damage and if i had not moved so fast across who knows how much more it could have done, learning to use the mutations / spells more effectively as well as what things back each other up seem to me to be the key of winning with banebrood and thats going to take time. Well I hope you enjoyed the report and I should have more on the way.

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01-24-2014 03:39 AM
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RE: Banebrood vs Mortans (250pts)

David Offline

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Thanks for the Report. It is very clear and understandable, with good photos in the right places.

Spoiler Alert:
So you made a good summary afterwards. Mortans strategy was perfect. It Looks like you pannicked because of the Scorpio. A natural reaction, but the panic lost you the game.

If you had kept a tight formation and buffed your Mongrels with a spell plus Howling Mad tactic from the warlord plus Charge Bonus, and an action token, they would take down half the Legionnaires in one turn.

You would anyway lose the same number of models to Shooting. Even after shooting losses, you would still have enough models to crush the Mortans if they were properly buffed and acting together.

When facing a shooty opponent, take the spell Long Legs to give them much more speed, and give the warlord the item Disruption Totem so he cannot be targetted. If you cast on the Mongrels Bugstalk Eyes and use Duck and Weave tactic, they would be DEF 14 against shooting.

If your Mongrels have Long Legs (+1 MOV), then it does not matter who wins priority because you should always get the charge with 16 inch charge range. The Gorelord also has 12 inches charge range even with no buffs.

Against hard Legions, the Ursapine is not the best tool to use. Better would be to take 3 more Mongrels. (Or the Cyclops when it is released). Buffed Mongrels are fantastic in melee, and really good value for points. It is easy to give them a spell and plague and a tactic and Charge Bonus plus an extra action token.

Let's see a re-match!
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01-24-2014 04:56 AM
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RE: Banebrood vs Mortans (250pts)

Zeria Offline

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Thanks for the advice david, will certainly by using it when i come across mortans again. Hopefully as well it will be a game where i know which factions will be playing against each other, currently i am doing a lot of demo games to guys at my Club so I provide three factions and let them choose which ones to play first, so the lists tend to be a bit more generalised and none speacil rule heavy to ease them into the game hehe.

"So you want to save Prince Albert and decide the fate of hong kong, by playing a game of cricket agaisnt Fu-man-chu?....hand me another beer and i will see what i can do"
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