Banebrood vs. Mortans 300 Points [Video fully uploaded!]

Placeholder for our next battle report - links to follow soon.

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I don't have my list to hand at present. However, I will be using a Gorelord, Pestbringer, 2 units of mongrels and 2 shamans. Thats what I do remember. Full list to follow when I have it to hand. I've dropped the fun piece - the ursapine.

Resistance is Futile

Carnifexors will be used in this game.

Watch Godslayer reports on my YouTube channel:

Though I hear they may not look like carnifexors ;-)

Resistance is Futile


Gorelord 52 81
Wpn Axe & Pick 6
Armour Gut-Plate of Negirrath 6
Talisman Bubonic Fleas 10
Potion Witchweed Extract 7

Pestbringer 33 42
Plague Bubonic Plague 4
Plague Gutrot Plague 5

Fallow Shaman 1 23 37
Monstrous Mutation Spell Long Legs 9
Monstrous Mutation Spell Exoskeleton 5

Fallow Shaman 1 23 31
Monstrous Mutation Spell Exoskeleton 5
Monstrous Mutation Spell Bugstalk Eyes 3

Maldire Mongrels 1 48 59
Additional Mongrels 1 11

Maldire Mongrels 1 48 48

The Gorelord is kitted up to be able to put himself in danger for one turn whilst increasing his stats via the Witchweed Extract. I've found that when I have had the Fleshmorph draft, I've either not wanted to use it (too early) as the damage taken didn't warrant it or it's been too late (due to not taking it early enough -see above!)

The basic idea behind the list is to spend a turn getting my buffs out on the Gorelord whilst moving up (exoskeleton and bugeyes).

The pestbringer will put out the plagues to both mongrel units of the first two turns.

2nd turn buff the two units of Mongrels with exoskeleton.

Then pretty much see what happens in terms of positioning of the enemies but throw the mongrels in with the lord to support afterwards.

We played an Open Battle scenario.

The game ended up being one of the most enjoyable games I've had of Godslayer so far with an extremely close result. You can see from the video when it goes up.

Resistance is Futile

What's in the Mortan warband (besides proxy Carnifexors)?

looking forward to seeing the report always do from you guys Smile

"So you want to save Prince Albert and decide the fate of hong kong, by playing a game of cricket agaisnt Fu-man-chu?....hand me another beer and i will see what i can do"

In My list I had:

Mortifex with a plethora of upgrades. Spells were: Ancestral token generator/Ashes to Ashes/Decay/Raise Legionnaire
Necromagus with raise legionaire and otherworld breach
5 (non proxied and rather hurriedly glued-together) Carnifexors
6 Legio Mortum

Its been a while since I played a game (2 weeks for me is a long time...) and the Mortans are still rather new so I made some composition, position, and play mistakes. Nice close game where its very close throughout, with swings either way.

I will be editing it over the weekend and hopefully have the first part ready tomorrow.

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Okay, looking Forward to seeing it.
Which Scenario?

Sorry for the delay guys - I am interviewing for a job and so I didn't have time to complete the editing. Hopefully I will get the chance tonight.

Scenario was #1. A straight-out slugfest.

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