Mortans vs Nordgaard (250pts)

I played this game with my friend at our local gaming club and its the first time he had played and only about my second time playing a real length game so while we where unsure on some of the rules it was still a really fun game and closer then i thought it was going to be. Its a testament to the well designed rule book that even the rules i wasn't 100% on only took a few mins to check. It was a 250pt game of Mortans vs Nordgaard and the lists are below. We just did a open battle and the scenery pre deployment is as show in 1st picture.

Mortan warband

Centurion with the reinforced segmentum, elixir of life, meteoric spathe and scutum (70pts)
Princeptor (32pts)
Necromagus with enigmatic wave, soul siphon and ashes to ashes (38pts)
Legionnaires with core and two extra men (78 pts)
Scorpio (32pts)

total of 250

Nordgaard Warband

Warsmith with trollhide pants, rune of the forefathers, healing potion and grimhammer (83pts)
Brewer of Odrorir (25pts)
Valkyrie (35pts)
Fjell Warriors core and two others (64pts)
Fjellgangr (42pts)

total of 249

[Image: 2014-01-09185452.jpg]

My opponent picked the far side of the table as we look at in the photo’s and I deployed first, placing my Scorpio on the left with centurion to the right of it, followed by the legionnaires, Princeptor and necromagus on the far right. The nordgaard deployed against my line but keeping in the stones further to right and so making my scorpio’s firing position almost useless. Keeping his force bricked up with the brewer and warsmith behind the Fjell warriors and Fjellgangr on the right flank.

[Image: 2014-01-09192411.jpg]

1st turn

I won the priority roll and elected to go first activating my centurion, he gave the legionaries a Act token and advanced behind the cover of a tree. The nordgaard moved forward with his fjellgangr behind one of the stone pillars, then he elected to not activate anything else at this time. I moved the scorpio forward trying my best to get a firing line on anything but unfortunately the shot was short of its only target, the fjell warriors musician, (at this point i had forgotten that gauge could have pushed its range higher. ) Moving onto the legionaries and advancing them into a column but keeping in two groups of three models, then giving them testudo tactic. The nordgaard replied by advancing the fjell warriors forward as far as the could in a shield wall line and the brewer behind advanced following then and handing out bottles of guarding draft.
All that was left to activate was the necromagus who advanced towards the house and the princeptor who moved in front of the legionnaire’s column and activated parry. The nordgaard’s warsmith moved to the right side of the fjell warriors line keeping a lot of the mortan force in his sights.

[Image: 2014-01-09193947.jpg]

2nd turn

Once again wining the priority roll I elected to force the nordgaard to go first. He aggressively advanced his fjellgangr to the last stone pillar before the tree line, in response I activated the centurion handing out a token to the legionnaires and necromagus then advancing behind the corner of the house. The necromagus moved around the house and fired off a soul siphon to the fjell warrior musician while it was in range it failed to do anything to the magic resistant hide of the dwarf, using the knowledge of the range from the previous spell he fired a enigmatic wave but again the spells had no effect. The nordgaard activated the fjell warriors and advancing them again in shield wall closer to the gap between the house and stone pillar, the brewer followed up and handed out guarding draft once more. Legionnaires moved forward into a testudo line facing the dwarfs and guarding the necromagus while out of dwarf charge range, the princeptor moved up behind the line of shields and again went into a parrying stance. The Nordgaard's warsmith followed up his line of troops and waited.

[Image: 2014-01-09200049.jpg]

3rd turn

Losing the priority roll my opponent decided to go first and charged the end legionnaire from behind the rock, moving in a line he could only engage two then proceeded to miss both the soldiers hiding behind their shields. The centurion moved around to the other side of the house and gave the necromagus,legionnaires and the princeptor all an extra token as well as ancestral pride to the princeptor (he gained +1 pow). The legionnaires used the self tactic of pilum assault then charged the fjell warriors with four of their numbers and taking free strikes with two as they left the fjellgangr’s threat range.( We forgot that i couldn’t charge as part of the unit was engaged.) To make matters worse for the legionnaires not only did they fail to do much damage to the fjell warriors with their pilum’s, two also fumbled attacks in melee so all told no dwarf’s died (the combination of shield wall and guarding draft proved too much). The Brewer activated and gave strong-arm brew to the fjell warriors replacing their guarding draft, he then stood behind the line with two action tokens. The warsmith strode forward around the line of warriors and smashed his hammer into the ground making a crack which caught two legionnaires but only managed to knock one of them down, he then gave one token to the fjell warriors. Using parry the princeptor charged the fjellgangr, with deft strokes and all his act tokens he felled the small giant . The fjell warriors moved once to fully engage the legionnaires with all six of their number and using skilled striking and a +1 Mel fighting stance they slaughtered the legionnaires down to one man on one life. Feeling the death on the field surrounding him the necromagus unleashed spells on the fjell warriors one enigmatic wave found its mark inflicting damage to few dwarfs including the brewer hiding behind the front line , the lone legionnaire didn’t suffer any damage as it didn’t penetrate his armour. The scorpio crew pulled the machine forward once more and while finally in range, failed to hit their mark of the musician of the fjell warriors (I finally remembered gauge.)

[Image: 2014-01-09205341.jpg]

4th turn

I won the priority roll and forced my opponent to go first and his fjell warriors once again took up skilled strike and a melee skill stance, killing the last legionnaire though it took several blows from the dwarfs and they took some damage back in counter attacks. The scorpio launched its bolts against the musician and on its second shot actually killed the dwarf. This brought forth the valkyrie descending from the sky and moving behind the brewer, the centurion moved up some and gave ancestral pride to the princeptor again (+1 pow) as well as handing out an action token to him and the necromagus. The Brewer downed a hardneck mead at the same time giving it to the warsmith, then he waited for the mortans response. The princeptor charged a fjell warrior killing him instantly and using a slayer move advanced towards the brewer while staying within range of two warriors, the neck few blows saw the brewer almost fall but the hardneck potion saved his neck. The necromagus unleashed hell on the dwarf front line with a successful enigmatic wave killing one fjell warrior and the brewer. A second wave hit the dwarf front line killing one more fjell warrior as well as putting 6 points onto the warsmith himself, he then failed to hit the valkyrie with a soul siphon.

[Image: 2014-01-09210209.jpg]

The warsmith charged the princeptor and slew him where he stood in revenge for killing the master of ales. The valkyrie moved to the flank and brought one dwarf back from the lands of the dead finishing the turn.

[Image: 2014-01-09211934.jpg]

5th turn

Winning the priority I used the centurion to place counteract on the fjell warriors and ancestral pride on himself (+1 pow), before charging him forward into the fjell warriors front line killing one warrior and using a slay move to get into base to base with the warsmith. ( at this point i wasn't sure but i believe centurion’s ability close quarter fighter doesn't count on a charge attack as the tokens are paid before the charge move and so there isn’t a action token reduction.) the centurion then proceeded to strike the warsmith many times placing him into seriously wounded (he would have died but the runes of the forefathers saved him,) but with counter attacks the centurion himself took some damage , he then drank the elixir of life and ended his activation healing all the wounds. The valkyrie brought back a dwarf warrior again and invoked for more spirit tokens before fjell warriors attacked the centurion,but inflicting only minor injuries on him.

[Image: 2014-01-09213501.jpg]

The necromagus fired several spells again into the dwarf fjell warriors killing all but one and again damaging the warsmith bringing him down to one life, the scorpio crew dragged the machine in desperate attempt to get some sort of firing line.

6th turn

The nordgaard won the priority roll and the warsmith struck down the centurion in a bitter clash (it was quite funny the pair of us rolled lots of misses when only needing about 6’s to hit.) The necromagus managed to kill the last remaining fjell warrior but failed to kill the warsmith, before walking backward in defense. We called the game there as both the valkyrie and the scorpio where to far out the way to actually do anything and it was the last turn.

[Image: 2014-01-09215105.jpg]

So it was a 180 kill points to the Nordgaard and 131 to the Mortans, with a difference of 49 bringing the battle to a draw. It was a really fun game and if given more turns i am not sure what would have happened as the necromagus could have possibly killed the now mv 1 warsmith while staying out of his charge range.The scorpio could have been a great late game piece but really should have been better positioned in the first place, even in this size of battle it really shows the simple nature of the rules but at the same time the complex ways you can combine them. I know my friend was very impressed and overjoyed that i had convinced him to play a game, the man of the match for me was the necromagus which really was surprising considering i only took him to show my friend how magic worked and yet knowing the dwarfs would be very hard to hit with their sub faction ability ,I hope you enjoyed this battle report as much we enjoyed the game.

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Ill read it later, but:

WHY the Valkyrie is on the battlefield from the beggining of the game? It spawns when first warrior dies.

[Image: poland-userbar.png]

she wasn't in from the beginning, she was summoned in turn 4 when a fjell warrior musician died. Not sure how you are getting the impression she was?..if i mistyped a section and mentioned her earlier please let me know where so i can edit it.

"So you want to save Prince Albert and decide the fate of hong kong, by playing a game of cricket agaisnt Fu-man-chu?....hand me another beer and i will see what i can do"

My bad I saw Fjellgangr on a first photo and thought this is Valkie Big Grin

[Image: poland-userbar.png]

ahh hehe no problem i thought i had made a mistake somewhere its the first ever battle report i have actually posted on any forums and it was rather late at night.

"So you want to save Prince Albert and decide the fate of hong kong, by playing a game of cricket agaisnt Fu-man-chu?....hand me another beer and i will see what i can do"

Nice battle. Great Report.
Everyone loves a battle Report, and this one was well written.

The Necromagus did some serious damage, and it is interesting to see how you recovered so well after the Legionnaires were wiped out.
Imperial Blessing would have been a useful spell for him to have in this game.

The Dwarven Player followed a very effective defensive strategy. Your Legionnaires would have done better on their charge with a buff from the warlord (Ancestral Pride Tactic) or Necromagus (Imperial Blessing Spell).

It is also nice to see that you got almost all rules correct even when it is only your second game!

Well done and please make more battle reports

Thanks for the words of encouragement Smile , I will decently be trying out different spells for the necromagus and see how they work out for him. My friend really did brick up very effectively and it was a tough nut to crack, I will try to keep cranking out reports hopefully next with my banebrood.

"So you want to save Prince Albert and decide the fate of hong kong, by playing a game of cricket agaisnt Fu-man-chu?....hand me another beer and i will see what i can do"

Thanks for the nice battle report. Smile

Aye, thanks for sharing this with us.

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Hi Zeria,
What brand are the buildings in your photos? (the ones with straw Roof).

They look pretty nice.

Or are they self-build?

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