Nordgaard vs. Wyldfolk [300 points]
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Nordgaard vs. Wyldfolk [300 points]
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01-02-2014 12:51 PM
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Nordgaard vs. Wyldfolk [300 points]

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01-03-2014 03:38 AM
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RE: Nordgaard vs. Wyldfolk [300 points]

David Offline

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Great Game. I recommend everyone to watch this.

The damage of a free-strike critical depends on the attack you chose for the free-striking model. If he makes a 3-ACT attack as a free-strike then he would do 3 points direct damage on a crit.

Spoiler Alert:
Very fast and tactical game; pretty close until the final turn.

Nordgaard - near flawless play.

Banenoun - 1) you really needed to move back the Druid and Farfarer. The Farfarer killed a LOT and if he had remained alive, then you would have scored more points with him and been able to support the Scabhtas. 2) Your Fury of Mabhdus was deadly and you really needed to keep the Druid alive so that you could score higher damage against the Einherjer armor. He was a little under-used at times. 3) If the Warlord had been deployed closer to the Megalith, you might have been able to upload more 2-3 more ACT into it early in the game.

Overall you did really well against such an iron-hard warband. Taking out the Valkyrie and Brewer early on was a great move, and I was pretty sure you would win up until the point the Farfarer got engaged :-)
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01-07-2014 04:06 AM
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RE: Nordgaard vs. Wyldfolk [300 points]

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a great game indeed, i enjoyed watching it as well as some of the newer released models making an appearance on the field. The scenario decently begs for some ghost conversions for the tokens that randomly move.

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