Wyldfolk squishy ?

Hello, after having played a game with the Wyldfolk against Mortans, i've got the feel that we heavily lack in the attrition department. Is there some way to beef our trrops up ?

Additionally i've got trouble with my synergies, especially with the bladesingers, they tend to need all the buffs they can get from a bard and pendragon but at the same time the tactics only last till the end of round, so Bladesingers will be activating last during a turn, meaning my Opponent can get into Position and start preparing for the Alpha strike that even aint that strong in the end :/

The only way it seems to win in the end is to abuse our Warlord as some kind of skirmish machine but in the end i've got the feeling that Wyldfolk has a lot of trouble during scenario play.

How do you guys feel about it ?

P.S: i only own the starter yet

Using only the starter set could be the main point concerning your problem.

If you take a look at the other stuff, especially the Tuathan subfaction, you have some of the most endurable units in the whole game:

- the Lord of Decay + Wycca Warriors: they are undead (and so not prone to leadership problems and immune to some stuff like the Banebrood plagues); they are resilient, have a normal/good defense value and quite ok life points. Additionally, they can regenerate their life points via weapons/tactics.

- the Blackwater Banshee is light infantry and so quite fast; she is in her normal state "spectral" and so can only be targeted by enchanted attacks and even then she has a nice DEF.

- not part of the Tuathan subfaction but nonetheless quite nice is also the Pendragon, which a very high stackable DEF-value. Sure, if you get him with an elite unit or some of the melee-powerhouse warlords, you will get him down quite fast, but this is the same problem for all characters. Wink

I share your opinion of the Wyldfolk being more squishy than for example Mortans or Nordgaard dwarves, especially the Fiannor subfaction, but so are several other subfactions like the Banebrood Beastspawn or the Troglodyte Gnolls.

I also think that playing only with starterboxes is the main problem. But besides that, the Wyldfolk try not to be hit at all. You must play them completly different than Legionnaires in Testudo. Imho you choose priority targets and play more like a hit and run kind of strategy.
And as Khazrak already said, there are some durable units for Wyldfolk players. When the release of Wave 1 is completed you will be able to play the Wyldfolk in various ways.


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Is there some way to stack the def on the slingers ?
My problem is the order of activation, the slingers always activate last since they need the buffs from the pendragon and bard to even he the broad side of a barn, but even those buffs only last till end of the round :/ .

I can understand playing a fragile faction but for being fragile, it feels to me that our damage output is underperforming.

What would be a good addition to the starter box ? I would love to use the Wycca Warriors but since they aint released, i cant :-P

If I remember it correctly, you can buff the DEF of the Bladeslingers only against missile attacks (the Sneak tactic of the Pendragon).
Personally, I would take instead of the Bard a Blackwater Banshee: as Khazrak said before, she is fast, is immune to common attacks and gains through the Bladeslingers easily vitae tokens for her tactic Kiss of Death and her Soulscreech attacks.

For bigger games (~300 pts.) I would recommend a Ovate Grove Druid and a elite unit like the Cromlech Guard or the Scabhta Hunters, depending on whether you want melee troops or missile troops.
With the spells of the druid, you have new options to improve or support your own troops during the battle. In addition he has a healing tactic.
The Cromlech Guard are heavy hitting (with a power of 5) and quite durable.
Scabhta Hunters deal easily damage from afar, so if you want better missile attacks, field a unit of these guys.

So, for starter box games I would use the Bard as a proxy for the Banshee or a Druid.
If you play bigger games, I would take a Druid and a elite unit (e.g. Cromlech Guard).

Hey guys,

my previous speakers already pointed out how to make the wyldfolk hard as a rock. Cromlech Guard with Defiant in Death kill everything that attacks them (POW 5 + D3 direct damage or POW 4 and every enemy in melee range is just devastating...). And wyccas in he LEAD range of the Lord of Decay die only in 50% of the cases since their resilient ability is automatically improved to 4+...

For the bladeslingers I have only one word: Annoying! (for your opponent)

yes, bladeslingers are a bit squishy, but they are fast! Light Infantry means they can move 5 times (with an ACT of your warlord) and make a long charge (which means that against almost every enemy unit they can take a position were they can charge an enemy while the enemy can't charge you! = annoying). In combination with their 2" melee range they are just awesome since you can choose most fights and most enemies can't even counterattack (= annoying). In addition they are able to make some ranged attacks (not the most powerful though, but enough to make some damage on most units. This way you can permanently weaken the enemy and lure him into positions where you want him to be = annoying). There hedgehog tactic seems weak compared to other defensive unit tactics, but it is the opposite, since they are even able to charge after using it. DEF 14 is not an easy task for most basic units (= annoying)!!! And with hail of hornets you can prevent many units from making a second round of attacks, which keeps your guys alive (= annoying).

They are one of the best skirmish units in the game, but not the easiest one to handle though. And after playing some games you will find out that POW 3 is not too shabby at all! After a charge you have POW 4, and if you attack the same model with 2-3 of your slingers you can bring down almost everyone (I admit that a testudo formation can be a really hard nut for them though... but even here you already inflict some damage on a roll of 8+; so 3 slingers with 2 attacks each can also bring down a legionnaire).

Maybe try only one buff on them and then charge, so they are not the last unit who activates.

And if you take a druid you can sustain one of your buffs (if possible...), so it doesn't end after the round.

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Thank you simon for your comment. While i agree that they are annoying, i do still have problems with using them correctly. The 2' melee range helps a lot but they are not strong enough to take the retaliation from the enemy, even mortans will kill them in one hit most of the time, if they hit.

But i had another game yesterday and got totally trashed by the Halodynes starter. Since the Hoplites got a 2' range as well, i couldnt even alpha them and a ranged Engagement was out of question as well because of the -2 missile tactic.

Simon do you know when the next models are going to release since i hate proxying ?

Yesterday I played 2 games with the Wyldfolk starter against Dwarfs.
Both times the Wyldfolk won.

So why could the Wyldfolk's starter box win against the (in my opinion) hardest starter box available right now?

1. The Wyldfolk is: fast (and annoing as we know ^^)
Against the dwarfs I was able to:
Give one action to the bladeslinger.
Long Charge the dwarfs (staying 2" away) and attack them.
Use the free tactic to take one Action token away from them. ^^
And move then 9" away from them afterwards (out of reach).
I used this tactic 2x in a row, killing 3 of the dwarfs.

2. We played games which were not "hack and slay" orientated.
Instead we decided to play a tournament game where you get points if you position models near the table center (in difficult terrain) at the end of every round.
The dwarfs automatically lost the game since they were to slow (and the wyldfolk too fast).
Against the other factions it would be more difficult but still the wyldfolk has some advantage in such a Scenario (since they are able to collect one roundearlier full points).

And if you play just for killed enemies, shoot your enemy and run. You are faster then almoust every enemy unit.

3. If you have no difficult terrain you basically rob the wyldfolk their advantage (just a though from my side). When we play a "friendly" game we always allow the Wildfolk Player to place one extra difficult terrain piece. Difficult terrain makes bladeslingers annoingx2 and your oponent cursing like ...

4. If enemy units attack your wyldfolk units, they are: dead.
Simple rule: Stay away from close combat as Long as possible.
Their advantage lays in missile attacks. Especially if the may keep difficult terrain in between them and their enemy.
Only after cutting enemy inits down to half of their strength I charge them to finish them off. Everything else is suicide.

Other heroic things happened yesterday:

6 bladeslingers long charged a dwarfen army General who was too confident in himself and staying too far in front of his army and killed him right away.
6 bladeslingers shoot with their bladesling on Long range a dwarfen brewer in a single round (5 hits, 3 critical, some 10s and 11s for damage roll).

Never underestimate these annoing little tree lovers...

I can't give you an exact date, but I know that the cromlech guard are already in the painting process (unpainted mini's could already be seen at the SPIEL) for the photos on the boxes, so I'm pretty sure they won't take to long anymore Wink

Banshee is already painted, so only the boxes need to be finished.

Scabhta Hunters are already for sale to bring death from afar (24" with POW 3, boosted by a spell it is even 28"!!!), as well as the druid to buff your units and the beasthunter to give your missile abilities a little punch and to get rid of beasts and creatures.

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