Amazon Hunters

Anyone tried proxying these yet?

The previews look amazing I'm tempted with making a new halodyne force based around these but would like some pointers first :-D

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Yes, quite often Wink

One of my favorite units! They are incredibly fast (they are light cavalry, MOV 4 and 5 ACT, so you can move 20"/turn without any help of the warlord and a regular charge range of 14"!!! ) and are skilled archers as well with a lot of usefull tactics and abilities to take on almost every enemy. And if everything goes wrong they are even passable melee fighters (against spellcasters, warmachine crews etc.).

They are a great hit-and-run unit (the best in the game atm.), but beware of enemy MIS attacks and fast models that engage them (instead of charging them...), pinning them where they are to massacre them in the following rounds... they are pretty squishy (so always have some backup around).

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I know this is an old thread, but since its still on the front page I guess its ok to necro it.

Until the models for Amazon hunters are released (and it seems to be at the very end of wave 1) what kind of models could be used as Proxies?

Any ideas?

If you don't mind javelins instead of bows, Privateer has very cool female wolf cavalry in their Hordes Circle of Orboros line.

Alternatively, the Legion of Everblight range has cool stag cavalry archers, but they're mostly male and a bit more demonic in their outlook. Still, a passable proxy or a good basis for conversions.

Unfortunately these are Privateer metals, so have a pretty hefty price tag. For a much cheaper (albeit with less detailed models) alternative you could try Mantic Games Basilean Sisterhood Lancers from the Kings of War range. 10 PVC plastic, panther-riding female warriors for ~1/3 the price of a unit of 5 from Privateer. Just swap the polearms for bows, get some spare round bases and you're set.

If you don't mind giving money to Games Workshop, they recently released a set of stag-riding, javelin-throwing sorceresses in their Wood Elves range. Very detailed styrene plastic models, but again you might want to do some arm/weapon swaps and would need some spare round bases. Price-wise these are in-between the Mantic and Privateer options.


Thanks for the answer Don. The Tharn Wolf Riders I already own as part of my Circle army. The Raptors are quite expensive as you point out (and my usual gaming buddy owns them, so I would feel wrong Smile)

The Basileans and the Sisters of Thorn are both good options, but earlier today David posted pictures of the models (in progress) and now i don't think stand in's will do at all Sad


Don't worry, it's only a matter of a couple months until the real Amazons are released.


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