Nordgaard ideas

I was thinking about new possible Nordgaard miniatures and came up with a new unit and a character, I hope you like them and maybe they become reality one day.

Viking hunting party with dogs ( maybe 4 or 5 men with a couple of dogs)– it would ben ice to have a seperate stat line on the card as well as live boxes. The handlers could sent the dogs after a wounded foe and cause a number of direct damage.

Legendary swordsmith ( since the viking sword was far ahead of it’s time) – the swordsmith could enchant the swords of his comrades during battle, maybe an ability that let’s you choose one enchantment before the battle that sticks to the unit for the duration of the game.

Thanks for the Suggestion.
Wyldfolk will have something very similar to the hunting Party with Wolfhounds, so we will not do that for Nordgaard.

The Elite Dwarven unit for Wave-2 (called Rundras) will probably have runes for tailoring their weapons and armor either before or during the battle.

But actually would you described already exists - Warsmith are the ultimate swordsmiths in Norgaard and have the tactic Grindstone to enchant the blades of friendly Units. Here is the Background for the Warsmith:

Warsmith is the title given to the master blacksmith of every clan, each one a craftsmen and fighter of great renown. The brush and canvas of this warrior-artist are his hammer and the anvil, and unlike the famed Rhundras, the Warsmith does not employ runes – rather he is an expert in metals and forging techniques. Warsmiths work the celestial metal of the gods, called orichalcum, and they are guardians of the secret formula of Nordgaard Steel – a combination of wrought iron with iron ore, mixed with charcoal and glass which is sealed and heated together in a furnace. Nordgaard Steel is identifiable by the alternating grain pattern and is highly sought after all across Calydorn.

Through hand-forging the Warsmith is able to produce pieces much stronger than cast items (like those of the Mortans) by aligning the internal grain to follow the shape of the weapon. His skills include advanced techniques such as folding and twisting to produce ultra-hard blades and forge-welding to combine different metals for increased flexibility. Apart from the practical aspects of his masterpieces, the Warsmith is a master craftsman fashioning intricate decorations by hammering and acid etching. The Warsmith is a true artist but not only within his forge, for the battlefield is the perfect gallery for the bloody side of his art, where his hammer paints a crimson picture of carnage.

Seams of orichalcum ore crashed down onto Calydorn inside mountain-sized rocks when the former world of the gods was shattered, and Nordgaard’s Warsmiths are the only individuals in the world who understand how to manipulate it. Weapons made from Orichalcum are feared by supernatural entities, for they vibrate across multiple dimensions, thereby nullifying the ethereal nature of creatures such as Demons Elementals and Aetherions. The Warsmith is also adept at forging armor and weapons which channel the elemental powers of Earth, and such items rival even the rune-weapons of the Rhundras.

Once every century the Warsmiths select apprentices from among accomplished village blacksmiths, and these master-smiths then undergo a century of further gruelling training before becoming Warsmiths themselves. In order to understand weapons and armor properly, the apprentice must also be an accomplished warrior. In times of war, the Warsmith joins the leaders of his clan in battle for he is warrior of great prowess. Indeed, the Warsmith must continue to perfect his fighting abilities to improve his skills in forging the tools of war.

Thank you for the explanation, I did not read the fluff on the warsmith yet, but how I read this, it's exactly how I'd imagine a norse blacksmith Tongue
It's a shame the wyldfolk get their hunting party, because I would have loved a viking unit with dogs, but nevertheless, I am looking forward to wave 2 Nordgaard miniatures.

But David, the warsmith cannot enchant the weapons, just add some bonus to the POW

(11-26-2013, 02:23 PM)Grauenacht Wrote:  It's a shame the wyldfolk get their hunting party, because I would have loved a viking unit with dogs

Just take some Bloodvargs and you have your hunting party Wink

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(11-26-2013, 03:01 PM)Ibanezmark Wrote:  But David, the warsmith cannot enchant the weapons, just add some bonus to the POW

Enchanting weapons so their attacks count as enchanted is something for the upcoming Rhundras. Smile

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Okay, I believe that that the idea was from grauenacht. I read the rulebook and the fluff of that tactics and it indeed says something about enchanting the weapon, as in 'making it better', so more damage.
I guess grauenacht meant to enchant the weapons so he can do full damage to those ethereal creatures. I know he struggled woth the obsidian nightmare and his non-living warband Smile (as would I, with my banebrood. Since all offensive spells and plagues are against living model....)

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Yeah the Warsmith's tactic Grindstone is simple elemental earth- Magic at work. We could have made it a spell, but it seemed simpler to make it a tactic. Same with Shatter and Chasm Cracker.

Maybe we can consider a wolf hunting pack for Nordgaard one day.

Grauenacht - If you ever get bored of dying gloriously, then take some Einherjer. They have enchanted attacks. So of course are all the weapon items of all the warlords.

Greetings to All Guys!

I'm a new Godslayer player, and i totally worship NORDGAARD!

I'm verry sorry for my intrusion in this thread, but i think useless open another thread for the same topic.

Grauenacht, i have a preference for the Skannfyrd sub-faction, can i post here my ideas?

Thank vou very much.


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