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(Sry for my english grammar but it is not my first language, long not using it Smile)
First of all i want to say i was always waiting for system that would involve times earlier then fantasy medieval. So i thank you Megalith game for your project. When i heard about its conception i was really happy. I was astonished by your Halodynes, by Mortans and Nordagaar...but this are not my favourite cultures. I was always in love with celtic culture so i head to Wyldfolk to look at their minatures and to be honest i got dissapointed much...very much. They are some crazy mix of medieval Scots, neolithic megalit cultures and Picts. It wouldnt be bad if you indeed use that inspirations well. But giving their warlord Pendragon weapon like saber was a horror. Its ugly, and do not fit overall culture and faction look. It would be 100 times better to search for inspiration in what archeologists know about celts already. Why not use weapon more typical and even better loking for them.



]Falcata 2
Why give their bard typical and ugly looking bastardwannabeshortsword.
Where are the famous celtic shields which inspire roman culture to project their own.

Shield 1

Shield 2

And there is a lot more of findings connected to celtic culture. Lot of which could be used to create more oryginal and better looking sculpts.
You made Wyldfolk faction bit chaotic. It caused me strange feelings i did not know what you wanna present with them. Scots ? Brits ? Celts ? Druids ? You could of cors combine it...but by puting it all without one primary motive wchich would connect them you destroyed phenomenon of these aspects. I hope new models would change that a bit. Im waiting for celtic alike cavalary, chariots and line fighters with shields.
I always wanted to play with celtic inspired culture faction but what you had made dissapoint me a bit.

Still considering which faction to play with. First i was decided for Wyldfolk but now im not sure if other wouldnt be better for me (miniatures design)

Lastly i rly like motive of Cosmic Mother and Druid a like warlord with Scythe. That is rly cool motive and nice aspect which was created and made up by you...sadly its the only one.

Sorry to hear you don't like the Wyldfolk models. But most peope have favorites factions and non-favorite factions. That is normal. But I am glad you like the Nordgaard, Mortans and Halodynes.

I will make a few notes here so you can at least understand the design concepts for the Wyldfolk, even if you don't like them.

Firstly Ancient Gauls and Britons styles Looks ridiculous to me. I hate their stupid tartan Pants. I hate their stupid long mustaches. they have no interesting armor. the only cool things they made were stolen by the Romans! (the early imperial Roman helmet, scultum, gladius and chainmail were all stolen form the Celts!) Many People do not know that. But we cannot use those for the Wyldfolk because we use them for the Mortans and they are considered by most People to be Roman style.

So apart from those few cool items, ancient Celts look boring - just a bunch of guys running around naked or in tartan pants. I am qualified to say this because my ancestors are Celts (Irish).

Ancient Celtic look does not fit to a Fantasy world. If we would produce historical Celts for Godslayer, then they would not match to the rest of the miniatures.

Every faction in Godslayer is Fantasy and not historical. Greeks did not use two-handed swords like the Sons of War, Romans did not have thick plate armor and boots and armor on their arms, and Vikings did not have many Dwarves in their armies :-)

So every faction's design is losely based on a historical culture.
For Wyldfolk we wanted a style that has aspects of ancient celtic, plus some Wood-elf elements and some barbaric elements.

So what do we have left to draw on for Inspiration for the Wyldfolk: A) Scotish style - Looks damn cool and many people love kilts, bagpipes etc.
B) Celtic designs like the Celtic knot - this we used and adapted in several ways to use in the armor for the belts and the chest armor.
C) Torcs - cool, we used torcs.
D) Medieval armor of celtic cultures - studded leather, Brigandine, chainmail and Ringmail.
E) Druid's sickle - not even historically proven but we use it anyway.

So we took those aspects and added some barbarian aspects (like the Wycca Warriors and Lord of Decay have). We also added some Wood-elf style for the tribal and Fiannor subfactions. Plus some General Fantasy aspects like animal horns.

Kilts we adapted and made into 3 distinct styles . We also concieved them to wear leather Kilts with metal studs or ringmail, so armor-kilts.
Chainmail we decided not to use because firstly we want to Keep some bronze Age aspect to the game even though two cultures know how to produce steel, and secondly, to Keep the factions sepoarated in appearance we decided to use Ringmail instead of chainmail for the Wyldfolk. We also gave them BRigandine, leather and studded leather, which fits to their technology Level and cultural Preference for natural substances. We try to avoid using too much fur, because the BAnebrood Reavers have a lot of fur.

We will have a future unit that is armed with Gae Bolga Spear, bare-chested and carrying celtic shield. Highland Ogres will look something like barabaric Scottish Highlanders. Tuathan will have a distinct style based on whichever aspect of the Cosmis creation goddess they worship. There will also be cavalry and in the future we plan to bring chariots for all factions.

But we will never make ancient Celts.

Regarding the Falcata, yes it is Celtic and quite cool, but it is very similar to the Kopis, but we could possibly use it.

We are not trying to present Scots Brits Gauls or anything else; what we want is a unique and original looking faction inspired by the few cool aspects of ancient and medieval celtic cultures, with some Wood-elf influence and some barbaric influence so that we have a Fantasy culture which feels somehow inspired by celts.

We feel no shame in mixing these various influences :-)

I hope that gives some insight into our design process and the reasons we made miniatures that you hate :-)

Anyway, its totally fine for you to hate one faction :-)
Most Players have a faction they do not like the look of.

If you have any other speficic design ideas we are always VERY interested to receive suggestions. you can email me at
We deinitely will use Celtic shields like you suggested. That is already planned.
Perhaps you can also give us more inspiration ideas.

Thank you very much for such huge respond. Im realy glad that you pointed out this proces. Now i have better understanding of it and i can support you with some ideas as well. As i said i did not hate that faction. Its inspiration are cool i just pointed out they are mixed in strange ways and some models look not bad coresponding to other factions.
Im aware of fact that this is fantasy game, and as i said i have no problem with druids using scythes (this is preet awesome idea in my opinion). I just wanted to point out some mistakes that made this faction bit dissapointig.
It is very cool that you also respond to feedback. I will certainly try to support you with some celtic inspiration items (i have seen a lot of them since im studying Archeology).
Much problem with knowledge of the celt culture is that most people connect them to Britian or French (asterix and obelix) only. Forgeting that celts were spread all over Europe (Spain, German, Czech Republic, and even Turkey.) Not all of them were painted in blue warriors.
Again thank you for responding me. Now i feel much better esspecialy after you said that chariots and celtic styled shields are somehow planned. I just ordered my set of Wyldfolk. Would tray to convert them for a bit more celt style. Will certainly support you with photos when Ill be done Smile

Yes, i know romans are thieves and stoll much of celtic ideas. And i hate that to. But i still hope you guys could create celtic alike army with direct celt inspiration. Remember romans always upgraded what they steal. For example Celts were using long swords even in lane fight (which caused them to lose lot of battles against legions of rome) and romans were using gladius. Shorter swords were better in lane fighting, they gave more flexibility, but celts were better one vs one fighters (lots of gladiators - slaves on arena were celts).

Hi Rhevean,

Thanks very much, I look forward to receiving your ideas, the Highland Hill Ogres will have the something like a Claymore Long sword.

Priority for us is to keep the style of each faction very different. So we cannot use the Celtic helmet, chainmail, and scutum that the Romans stole. We also cannot go too much barbarian because then they will look too Close to Reavers.

Secondly we must use cool looking items, and many Celtic items (like most of their helmets, tartan pants etc) just do not look cool.

Thirdly we need to also follow the fantasy background, and that includes the aspect that the Wyldfolk have a lot of hit-and-run light-infantry style troops living in the wilderness Areas and a subfaction which is nomadic. so we want to make them a Little bit Wood-Elf style and include Fantasy elements like Banshees, Megaliths etc.

We also need to keep each faction balanced and playable, so Wyldfolk need to have a unit of Heavy Infantry (Cromlech Guard), which is something the Celts had very little of.

So yes we will have some very Celtic looking guys for an elite Tribal subfaction unit, armed with Gae Bolga spear and Celtic shield. Chariots yes, Longswords sure we can use for some unit, bare-chested celtic style warriors will be used for several units and characters in the future because that fits to their barbarian style and low-armor. Would fit well for fiannor Wylders and some tuathan models.

So I am sure future Wyldfolk models will fit your taste more.

Please do send any photos of cool Celtic items you find during your Archaeology study or any designs you have in mind. It seems much less is known about the eastern European Celts.

Anyway, in the meantime I look forward to seeing your conversions; they could inspoire us too :-)


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