Troglodytes mixed forces 300 pts
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Troglodytes mixed forces 300 pts
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11-17-2013 01:49 PM
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Troglodytes mixed forces 300 pts

Cronix Offline

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Until now we have only played 200 pts battle but ones we reach the 300 pts battles I want to try this list (includes some theory machine Tongue):

Obsidian Nightmare (76 pts)
• Iron Crown
• Flail of Everdark
• Midnight Blessing
• Discarnate / Umbra’s Embrace

Lighteater (32 pts)

Packlasher (24 pts)

5x Ironhide Brutes (80 pts)

Skullsmasher Oakbows (39 pts)

Feral Fleshpounder (48 pts)

Total: 299 pts / 12 models

Obsidian Nightmare, is a pretty good warlord that has his own defense mechanism Ethereal and an amazing tactic to cloak himself or some models. Has some good buffs and debuffs and a good selection of items:
• I took the Iron Crown because the mixed sub factions, you get the most out all the models.
• Flail of Everdark, random POW “ouch” but 3D3 is always good, plus it gives him +1 MEL.
• For spells I took the Blessing of Midnight (obvious choice) and a debuff not sure which one both have lots tactical advantages. He is offensive warlord if you give him too much support spells he turns into backline warlord.

Lighteater, almost the auto include model for the Troglodytes, with his Eclipse tactic the Troglodyte can choose the battle flow and he is good for killing warmachine crews and loners with average stats.

Packlasher, main purpose is to feed the Oakbows, but with some help of the Obsidian Nightmare you can turn him into a sneaky assassin for killing warmachine crews and loners with average stats. Or sacrifice him to keep a unit busy for 1 turn.

Ironhide Brutes, well simple head smashers, I took them over the Shadow Troll because of their randomness (spell damage D6 -1 melee D6 POW).

Oakbows are the ranged support of this army, it’s a melee game so I don’t want to go overboard with ranged fire power. With an ACT of the warlord + Packlasher they can fire up to 6 times that’s pretty good to kill some support models, warmachine crews or unit leaders.

Feral Fleshpounder or Hammerfist both are smashy and meaty, but the Fleshpounder has +1 POW and can choose to do direct damage against heavy armored models, and he is 2” faster that alone is worth 10 points extra.

So what do you guys think of this mixed list?
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11-18-2013 08:53 AM
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RE: Troglodytes mixed forces 300 pts

joysan Offline
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if i well understood the sub-faction power rules, you don't need the iron crown, your shadow troll already can use freely their ability using you their specific warlord. i think this crown may be used more by the duskborn chieftain.

actually i personally prefer buff spells, possibly sustainible. a feral fleshpounder buffed with ethereal body, and 32 hp it's something really brutal!
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11-18-2013 01:06 PM
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RE: Troglodytes mixed forces 300 pts

PraetorDragoon Offline

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Aye, no need to take the Iron Crown, as it only allows the Shadow Troll sub-faction ability. Which you already have because of the Obsidian Nightmare. The heal spell is also very useful to pick on.

Also, the Obsidian Nightmare isn't a caster who can also attack, he is a fear-bombing combat warlord who can cast. (Remember, his fear can't be ignored, not even by warlords) He still needs backup.
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11-19-2013 12:57 AM
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RE: Troglodytes mixed forces 300 pts

Cronix Offline

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Oops have read the Iron Crown wrong, I tought that all models could use their subfaction ability.

Would it be better to change the warlord to make full use of regeneration. And to have other stand alone combat monster?
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11-19-2013 02:25 AM
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RE: Troglodytes mixed forces 300 pts

David Offline

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Okay, this is a great mixed subfaction warband. It is really well rounded to meet every type of challenge.

The spells and equipment of the Obsidian Nightmare should be adjusted to fit his preferred role in the game. Will be be up Close using his attacks or casting damage spells or buffing your warband or a combination....You should Play around until you find the best general role for him in that warband. Of course it also depends on what the enemy brings to the party.

For the Talisman, I recommend the Mask of Dusk which makes him immune to MAG attacks, spells and MIS attacks, so he can only be harmed in melee (and that's pretty difficult).

If you Play 350 Points then definiteyl the next Addition should be some Feral Grayhorns to charge the enemy through your Eclipse zones.

You could also consider taking 6 Gnolls instead of the Lighteater. Without the Longshadows, there is no desperate Need for the Lighteater's +1 on the Instanbility roll. You will basically use him for Eclipse to block charges on your models. Gnolls can do this too by placing them in front of your precious models, and 6 gnolls can cover a frontage of 10 inches quite effectively (double the width of the Eclipse AOE). Remember your other models can charge over the Gnolls because of their Squishy ability. On the other Hand, opponents are forced to Charge the Gnolls, kill them, then move to engage you.

For best results, put the Gnolls in 2 lines of 3 models in front of your Ironhide Brutes. They will effectively cover5 inches. enemeis trying to get to your Brutes then Need to waste their Charge on the Gnolls, then move, then waste another attack on the Gnolls, then move again. If they do manage to penatrate this web, they will have Zero ACT left and you can butcher them.

The Packlasher is worth taking just for the encouragement he gives the Oakbows (1 Action Token), because this doubles the effectiveness of the Oakbow unit. Later in the game he can pin an models trying tio Charge your Fleshpounder, warlord or Brutes.

The Fleshpounder is a perfect model because of his direct-damage Option. You can really Smash through elite armored models with this guy. But it is best to Support him so that he does not get surrounded by a unit of 5+ models. Perhaps you could move him with or next to the Brutes.
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