Banebrood 300pts - Reaver based

With the Tyrant and Tribesmen coming out soon its time go get a new list worked out with them at the core. I only use the existing range rather than proxy to get used to the minis one step at a time:

1 Reaver Tyrant - 71pts
- Plessian Axe, Gauntlets of Garrond-Gar, Witchweed Extract.

1 Fallow Shaman - 30pts
- Gigantic Jaws, Bulging Biceps

10 Reaver Tribesmen - 103pts

8 Maldire Mongrels - 92pts


Ive decided on a horde list, no ursapine allows for a max unit of mongrels so I will have the numbers on my usual enemies of wyrdfolk and trolloth. I have no real heavy hitter bar the Tyrant so will have to rely on the Tribesmen to eat a lot of stuff!

Does the spell gigantic jaws stack with the eating? If it does then the d3+2 damage it causes is a decent armour cracker haha

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Gigantic Jaws upgrade effect states: "Rending - target model damaged suffers an additional 2 Points damage." The description does not say this must be from an attack.

Eaten Alive is not an attack, but it does do D3 damage for each participating Tribesman.

Therefore as the rules stand, it is a valid combo.

Its pretty powerful, and before people start shouting that it is "broken", we should consider that in order to pull it off you need to:
1) position your Shaman within 8 inches of the Tribesmen and he must successfully cast the spell Gigantic Jaws on the unit, vs a difficulty of 12 (-1 for mutable ability). So on a 5+ for a Fallow Shaman (who hasMAG 6). Cost 2 ACT

2) Then you need to make a casting roll for the upgrade effect with a difficulty of 14 (-1 for Mutable), so a 7+ for the Fallow Shaman.
Cost 1 ACT.

3) Engage/charge the enemy models with a good size unit of Tribesmen, and place them in base-to-base contact. On a Charge you do not get many Tribesmen around any enemy model, and you cannot use Eaten Alive during a Charge Action. So your guys will be up really close and must endure one round of counter attacks (in most cases).
Cost 2 ACT.

4) Then you probably need to spend an ACT on movement to get enough guys around each enemy model in base contact
Cost 1 ACT.

5) Activate the tactic and chow down!!!
Remember, they can only do it once per turn.
Cost 1 ACT.

6) You need to make a good D6 roll Vs the opponent on the eating part.

Cost in Points:
27 Points for a Fallow Shaman with the spell
103 Points for 10 Reaver Tribesmen

Let's look at the body-Count:

From 10 charging Reavers, it's likely you will have 8-9 left after the first round of counter-attacks. Maybe one of them is blocked or has insufficient movement. So lets say you have 8 guys at full lifepoints.

Against regular enemy models, you will want to be on a 2-to-1 ratio of Tribesmen to enemies. This way you have 10 lifepoints +1D6 vs the 5 lifepoints +1D6 of the enemy.

In this way, you cannot fail to overpower because you will have 11 in your worst roll and the Opponent will ahve 11 on his best roll.

therefore 4 enemy models will get pulled down and will each sufffer 2D3+4 direct damage. that means on average 8 Points direct damage = 4 enemy corpses.

Against ogre-sized models, you will want to have 3 tribesmen around each. Against warlords 4 Tribesmen. Against creatures you will need 4-7 tribesmen depending on the creature.

So on average this Combo will execute 4 enemy models.
Very cool if you are facing High-ARM models like Legionnaires, Einherjer, etc.

4 dead legionnaires =48 Points. Nice, but not over-powered when you consider what the Combo costs in Points, ACT, planning and successful dice rolls.

It becomes ver valuable when you can take down characters and warlords with it.

So opponents facing Reaver Tribesmen beware - do not leave you expensive models exposed - Keep a couple of friendly models in base contact with them.

If you manage to catch your opponent's warlord out on his own, then you deserve the 60-70 kill Points!


Thanks David, I wanted to check before trying it out!

Also, against armoured minis like mortan legionaires im more likely to survive those counter attacks with the low POW of their attacks hopefully not being too deadly. I not sure it will be useful against cromlech guard with that thresher style attack they have!

How does the list look as a whole? The grunt horde a viable game plan?

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I would exchange the Mongrels for Guthackers. (No models yet, I know) As they tend to work gloriously in tandem with the Fallow Shaman.

I think grunt horde is pretty viable. Just eat them. In one of the early games I managed to eat a Moloch (un)alive. Though the indigestion that caused hampered them later...

I will be as soon as they are released hehe, my opponents have got used to dealing with the light troops so wont like it when I bring some heavy infantry of my own to the party!

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Reaver Tribesmen on the surface look like mediocre barbarian cannon-fodder. But they are so much more!

for a start, they can set up 10 inches Forward of your deployment Zone, making them really offensive.

Secondly they have the possibility with Eaten Alive to chew up elite Units, characters and warlords, even those in heavy armor. even if they don't, the threat of having his warlord eaten alive can cause an Opponent to be very cautious.

They have a POW4 weapon (better than many Basic Units).

Then they can also get +1 to hit AND +1 damage (!) against an enemy which has already been hit by a comrade.

Plus they are easy to buff with spells because of the +1 they give from Mutable ability. Its almost a crime not to a take a shaman when you take Tribesmen.

And you can take 40 of them in a warband! :-)

So Reaver Tribesmen are awesome troops for 10 Points each.

Regarding your warband Rid - its a very flexible warband and will Excel against most opposing warbands.

I would be tempted to replace the Mongrels with an Ursapine and a second unit of Reavers! (Remember the Mongrels do not benefit from their subfaction ability when you use a Tyrant as your warlord.


Thanks David cheers, I will definitely try the double tribesmen list out!

Is 300pts going to be your standard tournament size?

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