Umbra's Embrace


May i cast this spell twice against the same target, so it can lose 4 ACT?


As this spell has no duration, it should not fall under the "Spell Limitations" (RB p. 78). Or rather: The spell "duration" ends immediately after taking effect, so it is fine to cast it on the same model a second time in the same turn. Same goes for example for most immediate attack spells without duration.

As a rule, the same spell may never be cast again on the same model, unless the previous instance of the same spell is ended. However, that is no problem for a spell with immediate effect.

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Thanks Raoul,

This makes those spell limitation a lot clearer.

I see many tactics with this spell, but there are so many other spells that are good.... Wish he had access to 3 spells. Tongue.


What happens if you cast it on an enemy model or unit and they attack a model or unit that is Ethereal.

Both are different rules one is a side effect of spell and one is the effect of Ethereal, does the half damage stack (lets say 12 damage becomes 6 and 6 damage becomes 3)?


I'm not too sure if I get you right. To which spell do you refer in your question?

Umbra's Embrace affects only the ACT of a model and thus has no special interference with Ethereal.

Do you mean Discarnate perhaps?
In this case, a model affected by Discarnate would cause only half damage. This half damage would - if not magical in nature - be halved by a model that is ethereal.

In this case, you don't have two stacking effects halving the damage suffered (but one halving the damage caused on the inflicting model's side and one halving the damage suffered on the receiving model's side).
Thus, it does not fall under the rule against halving received damage twice. RB p. 79 (note): "Nevertheless a model that may halve the damage received may only half it once and is not allowed to use two halving effects to actually quarter the damage received".

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Sorry had a brainfart, but that was the spell I ment.

Thanks for the explanation.

No problem, you're welcome.

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