Demo Games - Using Quickstart Rules
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Demo Games - Using Quickstart Rules
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10-27-2013 11:47 PM
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Demo Games - Using Quickstart Rules

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This past Saturday I demo'd a couple of games of Godslayer to my gaming club. I brought the three starters that I own; Troglodytes, Norsgaard, and Halodynes. We used the Quickstart rules to make things a bit simpler and besides remembering to choose Melee or Powerful attack during regular engagements I believe we did everything correctly.

First game was myself playing Trolls and one of our members playing the Halodynes. It was a bloody battle with the Hammerfist killing three Hoplites before going down to their spears. The Ironhide brutes took the fight to the Halodyne Warlord and the character with two swords (can't remember the name at the moment). They exchanged blows for a round before the Halodyne character went down, but then two of the Brutes were killed when the remaining Hoplites joined in the fight.

Game ended when the Troglodyte Warlord, who was waiting behind the Brutes, charges in and finished off the Halodynes.

Second battle I refereed between two other club members, one playing the Halodynes again and the other playing Norsgaard. There was a couple of turns of just movement before the Hoplites and their Warlord charged into the Dwarven shieldwall. Many of the Dwarfs were killed but a couple survived and took out a couple of Hoplites with the help of the Brewmaster giving them a buff.

The game changer was the Warsmith who did the vast majority of the damage to the Halodynes by crushing them to paste.

Overall everyone really enjoyed the game and thought the mechanics played rather well. While the game certainly takes a higher degree of complexity beyond the Quickstart rules (rolling LEAD for tactics, strike ranks for Counter-attack, etc.) the foundation really impressed people. We have probably two future Halodyne players and a Mortan player. I'll be playing Troglodytes 'cause they are the best. Smile

I was actually rather surprised how quickly the game played. On paper all of the action tokens, health boxes, and model-to-model resolution seemed like would take up a lot of time. But thankfully there is a clear difference here between on paper and in practice.

The only downside of the demos was the force compositions. I made it so each Warband was as close to 160 as possible without going over. For the Halodynes and the Troglodytes these ended up creating what I felt was two rather balanced forces. The Norsgaard however seemed a little bit stronger at this point value with what we had. This was because their unit was much cheaper and in order to make up the difference I had to give the Warsmith much better equipment than either of the other two Warlords.

This was really an issue with circumstance than the actual game however. By racking the game up to 300 points and having a wider variety of options available I don't see it being a problem.

Looking forward to playing this game in the future. Smile
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10-28-2013 01:12 AM
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RE: Demo Games - Using Quickstart Rules

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That sounds awesome, thanks for demoing the game and showing it to your mates! Even better, it seems you all did have fun with Godslayer. Tongue

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