Halodynes Ideas

Aetherions with arabian style sound very interesting Smile

Nimburians will indeed have Aetherion upper class. However, theirs was the one Aetherion culture on Calydorn which turned to cross-breeding with Mortals as a solution to the sterility curse placed up their race by the Asrae Gods.

As a result, they now have a strong caste system with trueblood Immortals at the top, then varying degrees of mixed-heritage Mortherions. Then at the bottom Mortals - who are essentially a slave caste of eunochs (to prevent them breeding).

Concept designs for this possible future faction are Persian-based, so not Arabian. this would likely include some historical Persian aspects, but with a great deal of fantasy-Sinbad style, with probably a little borrowing from Seljuk Saracens, and Parthians.

Nimburia is has now an extensive empire and so can include numerous ethnic troops from distant lands....

That's all just notes and sketches right now and depends on how fast we can popularise Godslayer. But don't be discouraged, because Everything in Godslayer today was once just notes and sketches a few years ago.....

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