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Hello Folks,

two weeks ago, after a looong period of waiting for the german version of the Starter Boxes, i finally orderd my Nordgaard Starter Box, inspired for weeks by Fenris about this new Game Godslayer Wink

So here is my first painted modell, a Fjell Warrior.
I decided to do a reference Modell so that i can paint all the other modells the same way.

I´m very happy about the result und i hope you agree Wink

So here it is....

[Image: u4t.jpg]

[Image: 4ioq.jpg]

[Image: h2r0.jpg]

[Image: 5qkk.jpg]

Please make some statements about my work, what you like and what i can do better next time Smile


Hi Willi,

great to have you here. I'm sure you'll enjoy the forum and of course the game.

Your first model looks great. I really like the color scheme. The only little thing I'd change, are the eyes. You should paint the iris a little bigger. He looks a little looney. Wink


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Well, I fear I cannot fulfill your wishes entirely, as I have little to nothing to criticise. Smile
That's just a really really well painted dwarf, and I especially like the choice of red for the leather.

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I really love the model. Great paintjob here. I would have just 2 remarks if you are out for it.

1: Use a scenic base. Its incredible how much difference it makes. And with a painter of your quality they would also be nicely painted. I did put all my Wm/H minis also on "sand" bases but with warbands of fewer models I think the investation is really worth it.

2: The leather straps where the warrior is holding the axe seems to be too one colored compared to the rest of the mini. I would highlight it or put a bit of a lighter bron on the straps. Similarly to how youve done it with the wood, but of course with different collors because its leather and no wood.

@Fenris: i know, u saw the model in RL and yes...the eyes are not that great Sad

@Till: to 1. yes, i think that would be a great idea, let me think about it, ´cause i prefer snow bases, they´re simple to paint and look great after all; to 2. the black Color is the grounding of the model, ´cause i´m still thinking about how it will look better...you´re choice is nice, perhaps i´ll try it!

Since this model, i´m painting the other Starter Box models already, they aren´t done yet, but i hope in an few days i can Show you some WIP pic´s.

Hi Willi,

it was not a complaint about your painting. The model looks ace. But I think you could improve your overall look, if you concentrate on the eyes for future models. I have the same problems with my miniatures and it´s hard to get them right, but it´ll pay out.
Keep up the good work. Wink


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Hello again,

finally i´ve made it happened: So here are my dwarfs from the nordgaard Starter Box Smile

For these guys i decided to place them on a little Castle....and yes: the beer in the horn of the brewmaster has not yet been paintet, ´cause i´m looking still for the right technic that fit´s perfect on the model Wink

So here they are...hope you enjoy it and please give your Statements Smile

[Image: llzl.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
[Image: 3bt2.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
[Image: y73u.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
[Image: 5duc.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
[Image: 8xe0.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com

Hi Willi,

I really like the red color scheme. Great work.

The only little thing I'd change are the eyes. You should try to paint a bigger iris.

Besides that a beautiful paintjob.


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I can only agree with Fenris. Great color scheme and paintjob.

I just wondered a bit about the pose of the unit models in pic 2 and 3. Do they all have the same pose?

Good work, and a very clean paintjob!

@Till: There are indeed two trooper poses, but the angle makes it hard to get the differences. Wink

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