Tuathan list (250 Pts)

Hi everyone,

here is my first list of a Tuathan warband on 250 Points:

1x Lord of Decay
- Deadman`s Scythe
1x Blackwater Banshee
1x 4 Wycca Warriors
1x 6 Wycca Warriors

Simple and straightforward; not what you expect, when facing Wyldfolk ...
What do you think?

If you don't insist on a pure Tuatha-list, I'd propose to switch the Banshee for a Bard of Aynnsing.

The Bard is 2pts. cheaper and is a very good supporter for melee units and all 3 of his songs help your list very good.

- Legend Lore: +1 MEL or POW...no comment needed, I guess
- Curse of Cendor: very good for a guaranteed Horror-test when your Lord of Decay marches into the enemy lines
- Victory March: Long charges possible...also no comment needed

On the other hand, the Banshee is in such a small list not that useful because she hardly collects Vitae Tokens, especially with the Resilient ability of the rest of your army.

With this change, you'd have 3 points left and could either change the Deadman's Scythe to the better Gravewind Scythe or give your LoD the Fire Dance Sporren, so that he can march safe behind your Wyccans and then charge through them.

And do you have your two units in 6+4 instead of 5+5 on purpose? This way, it's easy for you to buff more models with a unit-tactic but your opponent can dispatch the smaller unit a bit easier and can try to avoid the larger one.

I hope, my small changes sound reasonable. Smile

Thanks, Khazrak, for the quick answer!
And I see that I missed a few things ...
Well, here the new list:

1x Lord of Decay with Gravewind Scythe ... 58 P.
1x Bard of Aynnsing ... 24 P.
1x 5 Wycca Warriors ... 84 P.
1x 5 Wycca Warriors ... 84 P.

@Banshee: When would you use the Banshee ? In 300+ games?
Maybe accompanied by a small unit of Bladeslingers?
Maybe with this 355 pts list?

1x Lord of Decay with Gravewind Scythe and Fire Dance Sporren ... 60 P.
1x Bard of Aynnsing ... 24 P.
1x Blackwater Banshee ... 26 P.
1x 6 Wycca Warriors ... 100 P.
1x 6 Wycca Warriors ... 100 P.
1x 4 Bladeslingers ... 44 P.

As you said before, Khazrak, the LoD will stay behind the Wyccas and charge through them, if the enemy is near. The Wyccas shouldn`t lose much troopers because of missile and magical damage and will be eventually buffed by the Bard.
The Banshee will stay behind the expendable Bladeslingers and move forward (and eventually gain some Vitae Tokens).

What do you think?

You dont use an armor item for the lord?

Of all the six factions, Wyldfolk is probably the one which benefits most from mixing subfactions.

In my opinion Wyldfolk is the most strategically challenging faction to play and the most rewarding when you get it right.

I totally agree about including the Bard and dropping the Banshee. Giving your Wyccas Long Charge with the Victory March Talent is stunning, and Legend Lore (+1 MEL / damage) is always useful during melee.

You might also consider an Ogham Megalith because of the POW the Warlord can drain from it when using his Aura of Decomposing.

A Druid is also a useful addition to EVERY warband.

Druid-Megalith-Decomposing Combo
Here's an example of using the Druid, Megalith and Lord of Decay together.
Lure the enemy near to the megalith where your Wycca Warriors are waiting, while charge the Megalith with POW. Then when the enemy warband is engaged with your Wycca Warriors, cast Fury of Mabdus (chose highest 2 of 3 damage die on all damage rolls) and Leyline Flare (+2 MAG) both on the Lord of Decay with your Druid.

Your Lord of Decay then Drinks his Potion fo speed gaining +D3 ACT. He also may gain +1 ACT from his subfaction ability. Then he can drain 2 ACT from the Megalith. So now he has MAG8 and 9-12 ACT.

Now charge with Fire Dance Sporren, then use Slay Movement to position him so that he is surrounded by high-points enemy models (preferably Elites and characters, but High-ARM models are also great). You also preferably want to make sure he is 2+ inches away from any Wycca Warriors. If necessary spend ACT on movement.

So let say he uses 2 ACT on the charge and then free slay movement, and also needs to spend 1 ACT on re-positioning properly; he still has 6-9 ACT to use on Aura of decomposing after making his charge attack and Slay-Movement attack.

With Aura of Decomposing he now makes a MAG8 attack against all models within 2 inches. That can be a LOT of enemies if you position him correctly because the aura also effects bases which are partially covered. He will hit most models on a 5+ and then they suffer a damage roll at the POW you spend on the tactic, so potentially POW7, but potentially even POW9!

And remember he can roll 3 dice for each damage roll and select the two highest :-)

Most likely there will be a 2-inch empty zone around him after that.

Dont be afraid to sacrifice one of your Wyccas if that gains you proximity to 2 or more additional enemy models.

If you pull off this combo you can potentially kill a couple of guys with the charge and perhaps 4-5 more with the Aura.

This is a one-hit wonder and depends on the D3 roll with the Potion of Speed etc as well as the two spell-casting rolls and some fancy positioning and clever maneuvering, as well as proper preparation of the warband and Megalith, so its not the easiest combo to pull off, but a very cool one :-)

Druid-Bard-Wyccas Combo
Going back to the Druid and the Bard, a nice combo is casting Swiftness of Aridhia and Leyline Flare on your Wycca Warriors from the Druid, then use the Bard's Victory March song to give them Long Charge. Assign them an ACT from the Warlord and hopefully they also get their +1 ACT from the Subfaction ability, potentially giving them 6 ACT.

Activate the Wycca Warriors and perform their Soul Harvest Tactic, then charge them at some juicy target. They will now be at +1 strike Rank from Swiftness of Aridhia spell, so the enemy cannot counter-attack the initial charge attack (unless they also have +1 SR).
With Soul Harvest they will be making MAG attacks instead of MEL attacks, and with the Leyline Flare, the Wycca unit gains +2 MAG, giving them MAG8!

So now they will be attacking with 8 vs and average DEF of 13, so needing 5+ to hit in most cases. Then each hit gives them a 2D3 damage roll causing direct damage! (awesome against Legionnaires and Einherjer or Hoplites in Phalanx, etc).

Of course you cannot benefit from the charge bonus when doing this, but I think this combo is anyway better, especially against enemies with high ARM.

So now you still have 3-4 ACT left so you can make another 1-2 attacks with the same MAG8 and 2D3 damage. But against this attack the enemy is allowed to counter attack.

Best of all is - every point of damage you cause to the enemy with the 2D3 damage roll, you can use to heal back any lifepoints your Wyccas lost! :-)

The above are a couple of reasons why Tuathan warbands are awesome :-)
Perhaps you can find some more cool combos.

Interesting tactics, David. One question though:
(04-01-2013, 02:00 PM)David Wrote:  So now they will be attacking with 8 vs and average DEF of 13, so needing 5+ to hit in most cases. Then each hit gives them a 2D3 damage roll causing direct damage! (awesome against Legionnaires and Einherjer or Hoplites in Phalanx, etc).

Of course you cannot benefit from the charge bonus when doing this, but I think this combo is anyway better, especially against enemies with high ARM.

Why can't the Wicca Warriors benefit from the charge bonus? As far as I can see, the powerful fighting style and the charge bonus both work with direct damage as well, adding not POW but 1 point of direct damage. At least that's what it says on pages 70 and 71. Am I missing something?


@Markgrafgero: yes, you`re right, some protection would be necessary; instead of one Wycca Warrior and the Fire Dance Sporren I could give him the Hauberk of Anthalon (in this case he would march at one side of the Wyccas and behind the Bladeslingers and the Blackwater Banshee to prevent him from getting shot).

@David: thanks for these tactic tips! Sounds great Smile
Especially the second one is appealing to me Smile
I only wanted also to get the Banshee in the list, because I really like the fluff of this character (and she sounds not bad on the paper: in the first rounds she could assign addtional Action Tokens and then, when the first Bladeslingers are dead, she could hunt down supporting characters of the enemy. But then again, she would be much better with a druid, who casts Leyline Flare on her ...)

@Skylifter: Soul Harvest are magical attacks and cannot benefit from these boni.

Yes. Fighting Style and Charge Bonus only applies to MEL-attacks. The mentioned attack with the direct damage is based on MAG and therefore don't gets the bonus.

The banshee is actually usefull in every warband! With her and the Warlord you can give a unit 2 ACT's per round! That means 4 attacks for a unit of wycca's if their subfact. ab. triggers.
And with her spectral ability you can place her in the midst of the enemy units (beware of warlords and enchanted attacks!), collect vitae tokens (you also get them from dead enemies!) and use Kiss of Death to kill enemies, without revealing herself, or go for weak supporters like spellcasters etc. and take them down with your soulscreech attacks.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

Simon - yes I agree she is pretty damn useful especially for that extra ACT, but I would put higher priority to the Druid and Bard, and I would take a Banshee in a 350+point warband. Just personal preference.

Even with the Banshee, the Wyccas can only get a maximum of 3 attacks or 7 ACT because they have a basic ACT of 4 not 5 unlike most elite troops. So 4 +1 assigned token from Warlord, +1 from Subfaction ability +1 for Banshee Mortodyne.

Huscarl - Yes, again Leyline Flare comes in handy. Its really useful for the entire subfaction (so far), and for that reason alone the Druid is a MUST in my opinion.

Skylifter - like Simon noted, unfortunately the charge bonus only applies to MEL attacks.


That was the bit I had missed! Wink Good to know.

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