+1/-1 to base statistics

How do you handle the action tokens modified by those effects?

I would just add an extra action token, if the model uses a +1 potion at the start of its activation.

When a model/unit receives a -1 to all (by wounded or plague), is one action token lost immediately?

Action tokens are generated as the first step in each round.

Items like potions which last "until the end of the round" are not in effect at that time, so they just don't come into it ever. Effects which work "until the start of the model/unit's next standard activation" can be in effect at the start of the round, so modify the amount of action tokens generated.

So you neither add an action token at any time during the round nor lose one, unless a rule specifically says so.

Two examples:
A potion like the Halodyne's Waters of Truth must be used in a model's standard activation, and both potions that grant +1 to all basic statistics only work until the end of the round. Since the model's action tokens have already been generated that round before it could use its potion, and since they will only be generated again after the effect of the potion wears off, the potion does not affect the amount of action tokens of that model.

Now the Gutrot plague is a continuous effect that works until a model/unit's next standard activation and modifies all its basic statistics by -1. That means since it will be in effect at the start of the round, the model will have one less ACT at the time when action tokens are generated, and thus it will generate one token less. Remember that this only works on units if half or more of the unit's models are affected by the continuous effect.


exactly Smile

Am I missing something or does "-1 to base statistics" include a -1 ARM, too? I don't really understand why, for example, a plague affects your armour. Be patient... I read the book within the last days and made my first (awesome!) game yesterday.

Well, things affecting your base statistics are things of profound effect (positive or negative).

A plague for example could send spasms through your body, hindering you in effectively protecting yourself, or it could weaken your flesh and skin. Whatever it is, it surely is devastating and leads the affected model to be weakened in nearly every way imagineable. Smile

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In Godslayer ARM represents both external metal/leather armor and the toughness of the model, like the thickness of skin/fur and strength of the bones etc.

As you will notive, we have
MEL +2D6 vs DEF to hit and:
POW +2D6 vs ARM to damage

Some notable games have strength vs. toughness, then an additional armor save roll.

Godslayer is more streamlined and therefore including the Toughness within the armor stat, or within partly within the life-points.

This is why -1 to all basic stats can affect ARM even when there is no affect on the actual armor the model is wearing.


Thanks to both of you. I'm not an enemy of new points of view so... I'm okay with it. If you combine the toughness of the armour and the model as a "person", I'm cool with it. Smile Just want to ask about your intentions in this case.

The pow of the weapon is not affected if I remember correctly, I have had my share of plague's on my dwarfes and I can assure you that a MOV of just 1 is very devastating.

Aye, the POW is part of the weapon statistics.

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