Valkyrie placement


I don't understand how the placement of the Valkyrie works.

She is '[...] deployed anywhere within 9" between the controlling player's deployment zone and the first friendly non-creature model that has been destroyed and removed from play [...]'

The part I don't get is the 'within 9" between'. Within 9" of what, exactly? Of the exact middle between the deployment zone and the removed model? Or is a piece of the text missing that would explain that part?

I needed some time to understand this particular sentence, too. Then somebody in our gaming group said as if it was totally self-comprehensible: "You use the point of the first removed model as the center point of a 9" half-circle, whose open side shows to the enemy table half." Then it was quite clear to me, too. As long as it's closer to your deployment zone and within 9" of the killed model, you can place it - this results geometrically in a half-circle.

kazhrak is right about that Smile

Okay. The model looks nice at first glance, by the way.

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