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Hey guys,

I couldn't wait until the kickstarter prducts are finally here, so I bought a second starter for my Mortans to start painting.

Since I'm always looking for something special , I couldn't paint them silver. That would have been realistic and intelligent and easy to paint... well... I'm always looking for alternate colour schemes. I remembered a scene from the movie Gladiator with Commodus wearing white armour with blue clothes. I suddenly figured out how cool that would look on the battlefield. It would be completely strange in terms of tactics and warfare. But, come on, there is nothing better than crushing the people of Ghorn and bending them to the Calva Alata wearing shiny white armour. Even Storm Troopers agree:

[Image: 36168452_zpsdf1239b9.jpg]

So, here he is - the base isn't done yet. I will do that when the starter is completely done. Hope you like him!

[Image: Tester_zps1cfd1072.jpg]

Happy gaming!

Well, they surely look special. Smile
Interesting colour scheme, looking forward to more minis.

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The white Armor looks very interessting. Very well painted. Show us more.


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Interesting idea, and skilfully executed, too. However, I think you should add some gold trim - that would make it really pop.

That looks surprisingly cool. Well done!

Thanks, you all. I'm glad you like the schmeme.

@ Skylifter
Yes, gold would be cool, but I really don't like painting ist, thus I decided to use as little gold as possible (which means: no gold *g*)

I've been not too idle yesterday evening and did some more painting. Unfortunately, it is the most time-consuming step and one cannot really see a lot of progress.

[Image: Mortans1_WIP1_zpsecb9afb3.jpg]

The color scheme is great. I also love Comodus' white armor in Gladiator! I was thinking to use that on Halodynes, but on Mortans also looks nice.

Shiny black also could be cool.

Well done Klatschi! Looking forward to see more ;-)

Back from the grave, thread-necromancy for the win (well, that's some sort of normal behaviour for mortans, isn't it?)

You remember my plan of painting my Mortans Commodus-Trooper-White with blue details? Well, I changed my plans, due to a very important insight:

[Image: blackarmourrules_zps8ce5729b.jpg]

After reading through the rules, all my criticism about the kickstarter was forgotten. I really like the game so far (well, I just have one game with starter boxes and some rules done under my belt, but on the other hand... who cares? It was fun - and I won, due to some rules done wrong - cheating with style Tongue). But I like the style of the miniatures, although there are some concerns (sorry, rant following). The idea of casting the weapons with white metal that felt like fresh chewing gum, gave me the willies. So I had to change all spears, using different hands I found in my bitz box (thank you, GW, for giving me 13 years of shitty rules but a lot of bitz Big Grin).

My photos are shit, because I'm not used to my new photographic tent. Anyways, there should be a light blue shimmer to the black armour. All in all I needed about 6 or 7 hours for the 8 miniatures, which is a really fast result for me Big Grin Enough of my blablabla, here are some pics - hope you like them.

[Image: Centurion_zpse649b54a.jpg]
[Image: Princeptor_zps781e03dc.jpg]
[Image: Legionnaires1_zps38e042c0.jpg]

They look great all together!
I would still like to see the warband with white armor... I really liked your first color scheme...

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