All right, so while all you guys are impatiently awaiting all the stuff from wave 1, we are today starting to play with the first wave 2 models Smile

Today the playtesting for wave 2 starts and we are looking forward to test out a new character and unit for the Banebrood and the Halodynes.

More news to come!

Excited! Excited! Excited!

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Cool stuff! Will there be new warlords, too?

And yeah, I'm really impatiently waiting for all the models form wave 1 to arrive, as I am kind of strange in that I never, ever proxy anything and I'd really like to field all the different models soonish. So when do you plan to start releasing wave 2? I faintly remember reading about it already somewhere on the forums, but I can't remember what you actually said about it.

David told me at the Tactica of a Halodynes mounted amazon warlord. :-D So much looking forward to her.

Great News! I`m really excited about that Smile!
And a mounted Amazon warlord? Bring it on Big Grin!

Then I hope one of the units will be the amazon cataphracts mentioned in the fluff, so we can field fully mounted amazon armies.

Who knows... Wink

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Can't wait to see some of the stuff for the third Banebrood sub's.

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Yes, Amazons will be proprly represented in Wave-2.
No guarantees, but most likely 2 units, 1 warlord and 1 character.
The unit being tested now is light infantry Amazon Peltasts armed with javelins and pelta shield. Second unit will probably be regular cavalry, melee specialists, so heavier than the Amazon Hunters of Wave-1.

Banebrood Wave-2 has Centaurs!

Can't wait to get my hands on those amazons. That all Sounds so great.


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