Fluff: The nature of the shadowtrolls
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Fluff: The nature of the shadowtrolls
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07-11-2014 12:10 PM
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RE: Fluff: The nature of the shadowtrolls

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(07-11-2014 05:15 AM)Maximus XIII Wrote:  
(02-27-2013 01:57 PM)Raoul Wrote:  You're welcome to write background stories. I do the same Smile

Would you mind sharing some of those stories? Especially the ones for your Troglodyte warbands :-)

(02-27-2013 01:57 PM)Raoul Wrote:  Besides, who knows: at some point we might suddenly get a Godslayer RPG, and then there will be vast amounts of fluff about all the things yet untold. Big Grin
consider this a very early pre-order for that ;-)

I do have some questions about the shadow trolls and the way they work together (fluff wise) with the normal troglodytes. Since their very presence on this plain is an accident that happened because of an inbalance, how do the normal trogs see them? Shouldn't they see them as an abomination? Something not intended to exist on this plane, and thus shouldn't. Or is it more as a 'with the birth of darkness, and it being a serious danger to existence, the twilight has caused the breach of the shadow trolls. Balance must and shall be achieved, even if we must create inbalance to do so'. Kind of a fight fire with fire sort of thing.

On the other hands i imagine gnolls with shaking knees offering gifts to please the shadow trolls. They are scary!!!! Especially for a coward that need as many bodies as it can get. So how do these two work together? I imagine shadow trolls being subtle and sneaky, but not power hungry. Power can be a tool, but never the goal. If that makes any sense.

What role do shadow trolls have in the feudal Troglodyte system? Religious / magical advisors?

p.s. if i'm making any errors in the fluff i do appologize. These questions are based soley on the fluff i read on the site.

In General the Trolloth at first considered the Shadow Trolls to be blessed, rather like Mortals would consider Angels. Their coming was considered a great benefit and Blessing of the gods, and the Cosmic rupture is celebrated yearly (although no-one really knows the exact date it ocurred).

The Shadow Trolls found the Trolloth to be considerably tainted with other elements (since creatures of the material Plane consist of all 5 elements). This was rather distasteful but understandable, and the Trolloth were known to the Shadow Trolls from their Mythology.

As the Shadow Trolls came to terms with their new situation and began to understand their place in he world and the elemental catastrophe which had transpired, there developed within them cultural patterns and philosophies, the dominant of which propounded that they work to impose Shadow upon the Material Plane. In this great endeavor they saw the Trolloth as suitable pawns and allies.

The Feral Trolls they found pitiable and viewed as tragic victims, although they to had a use. Some philanthropic Shadow Trolls went among the Ferals trying to heal their elemental Spirits and reverse the elemental damage done by the fire-curse of the dead sun Sindaron.

Gnolls they found most distastefull of all, and the majority of Shadow Trolls deigned not to have direct contact with them since they had little Shadow essence left within them. Gnolls became an ever more useful tool of the Shadow Trolls but they always used Trolloth intermediaries to command them.

Greater contact between the various types of Shadow creature, as well as the creation and collapse of several mighty Empires led to a shift in attitudes. Today few Trolloth cultures venerate the Shadow Trolls. Most consider them simply an arrogant cousin race, which thinks it is better than the Trolloth. The Shadow Trolls have also spent centuries within the Material Plane and have become partially tainted by their existence.

the Shadow Trolls found they could interact more effectively with material objects by decreasing the intensity of their umbral nature. Thus today they don robes and armor and wield weapons of iron. Naturally there are minorities with differing views including some ascetics who refuse all contact with material objects and some individuals who revel in their new-found universe, interacting even with non-shadow races.

During the Dark Age (circa 3,000 BSC to 1200 BSC)
the Troglodytes thrived after the fall of Malentian and Mortal civilization, and they became the dominant power on the world of Calydorn, their place contested only by the Banebrood. One of the mightiest of Shadow Empires was the Graythrone Empire which reached its zenith during the Age of Ancients (circa 1200 BSC – 700 SC). This was a combined Trolloth and Shadow Troll culture where the Shadow Trolls formed the highest class. The Shadow Troll leaders of this empire were extremely pragmatic and progressive. They saw that Mortals could likely never be wiped out and decided that they could instead be a useful tool. They understood what the Theocracy of the Sacred flame had done during the previous Halcyon Age - taken mortals and turned their souls into elemental Spirits. The resulting elemental imabalance almost destroyed the cosmos, and so the Graythrone Empire went embarked on a crusade to do the same, converting many mortal souls to spirits of shadow. These were the so-called Dark-Men and they were largely executed by the armies of the Annointed Champions during the Blessed Age.

In General, the Shadow Trolls have become humbled by their experiences and failures over the centuries since the beginning of the Blessed Age. They cannot afford to consider themselves superior any more. The Asrae gods and their Mortal children crushed almost every Shadow empire and drove the Troglodytes into the mountains, forests and caverns.

Although the Asrae have since been broken and the Five Blessed Empires of the Annointed Champions have fractured, it was not the Shadow Trolls who accomplished this. It is whispered that some Troglodytes now secretly worship Valokh the Arch-God of Entropy in hopes that he will restore the power of Shadow, while millions of other Trolloth have turned to the new-born element of Darkness for salvation.

Today most Shadow Trolls have even become tainted by emotions and motivations - power, greed, even love, and so in this age, most Trolloth see Shadow Trolls akin to fallen angels, no better than themselves, simply different. In Trolloth Feudal Society Shadow Trolls occupy various positions including administration, advisors, scouts, spies, elite military guard, priestly functions and of course as valuable magical support. Some Shadow Trolls even have titles and feudal estates within Trolloth cultures.

In other societies such as the Empire of Dusk which covers north-eastern Ghorn, Shadow Trolls still retain the greatest portion of power and highest social status. Some communities of Shadow Trolls have little or no contact with Trolloth at all.

I hope that helps answer your question.
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