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(03-25-2015, 09:27 AM)CptBartender Wrote:  One of the largest cities in Europe, and no players there?

For now nowhere is a lot of players. Even when you coming to official forum you see one post per day or 0. Iam really sad but still believing it will be changed in near future.

For now we have 3-4 activ members in Poznań (Poland) and some in Warsaw.

6-7 in Poznań, not everyone have to play every week Wink

But true is that there is about 40 people with armies still.

Lack of support is killing us.

[Image: polanduserbar.png]

to be honest dont think I played more than 3 games.... and none in the last 18 months!

The remaining active players in London play at Tanelorn War games club in Leytonstone.

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