London Godslayer

Hi all, a few of us from the CGC club in London (London Bridge area) are taking the plunge on the KS so we'll be looking for opponents soon! Look us up here. (Please note it is an adults-only club so the site is kind of nsfw due to swearing etc!)

We should have a Halodynes player (me), one Mortans, one Nordgaard, maybe one Banebrood, and probably a couple of Trogs.

We will all be completely new to the game but are long-time players of eg Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Infinity, Bushido, Confrontation, etc etc. So should hopefully pick it up pretty quickly!

We have a few players in chelmsford, and Tolehaven in romford will be starting up very soon

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& another CGCer joining in. But I may head over to Tolehaven when I can depending on time I get back home from work

At the end of this year I will be relocating back to UK, somewhere in south-east England (probably Brighton or Cambridge), and I'll be glad to come to London and Tolehaven for some games with you guys.

Awesome. With Nat failing his Willpower test and joining us (Big Grin) we now have I think six people who'll have some Godslayer stuff once the KS orders are out. We'd love to have someone more experienced with the game coming down to the club. I've been hassling people to try and drum up interest but it's hard when I don't actually know the rules yet!

All right; I'm really looking fiorward to it!

We can even do a mini tournament and make some battle-reports for the website/forum with photos.

We are starting to play at Tanelorn, in Leytonstone. A small number of people so far, but I am trying to create interest.

I believe some guys are getting into it at the Clapham Wargamers too.

Hey everyone,

It so happens, that I'll be most likely living in central London for ~3 months. Could anyone link me to any active community/meeting place/hobby store? I'm wondering whether it's worth bringing my minis with me/buying some over there...

I know I'm necroing a thread almost two years old Tongue

One of the largest cities in Europe, and no players there?

I did notice a Youtube video with English guys. Perhaps you could ask them via the comments section on Youtube if they know of London players?

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