Introductions Thread

Welcome manic_miner! Nice to see your interest in the miniatures.

As a resident of Germany I'm not too familiar with UK retailers - but I know Wayland Games stocks them and you also could email about it - he lives in England and knows it all anyways. Smile

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

Thanks for the welcome guy's.

It looks like most shops are dropping the range which is a real shame.

I dont think there have been any stockists of the game or miniatures here in the North-East of England.

Just got home and found a couple of packages waiting for me.

One had the Troglodyte Grondagh Filthlings in it.Looking at the miniatures i think these could have been much better.The pieces you have to attach seem to be very small and fiddly.I think if the arms were done as seperate pieces they would have been much better and survive-able in games.
Second package held three new boxes.
Banebrood Fallow Shaman.I have to say this is a very nice miniature.Will go great with the Fomorian Guthackers which i got last week.
Troglodytes Feral Grayhorns.WOW this is a great set of miniatures.Love the way they connect together.I now want a second unit of them.The sculptor has done a great job on them.
Last pack is the Nordgaard Bloodvarg.Another stunning sculpt.I was not expecting it to be so big.
If these last two sets are the way the range is going i am sure it will achieve great things.To say i am falling in love with this game setting and miniatures range is an understatment.Keep up the great work guy's.

21 boxes arrived Today Smile.
Nice additions to help get me into the game.

Hi there! I'm a new member of this forum, even if I know the game since the release, and play it from more than a month.

My name is Robert, i'm a half Italian and half polish 25 years guy living near Milan Smile

I'm very passionate about boardgames, wargaming and cardgame, doing it since when i was a child brought me to the decision of transforming it into my Job! I'm the owner of Voidgames Italia, a newborn gaming reality with big ambitions and new ideas on the italian market.

I know Giovanni bosio ( nanonefasto here i suppose?) from some years, and Rosco some time ago gave me the chance to promote the game and resell it.

Since i already play&sell more or less all the known miniatures games on the market, I decided to focus on Godslayer to promote as well as I can. We've just started so it will be a long road to success, but I beleave that we have all the right cards in our hand to achieve the goal.

I'm a Banebrood Lover, and my friends needs to convince me not to put a Cow mask on when I play them.. i really cannot understand why Tongue

Mu muu to all! I'll be reading all the forum today Big Grin

Benvenuto! or should I say: Powitanie.

And since you have choosen to join the Banebrood:
May your enemies be crushed by your hooves, cloves, teeth and horns...

May my enemies succumb to our marvellous reek! Big Grin

Grazie or Dzieki ^^

Welcome to the Forum VoidGames! Always nice to see the community growing!

Club: The Green Knight
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Sounds like you are enjoying the game and the hobby too.It is great when you can make your hobby your job too.

I run my own small miniatures venture which has been fun to do.It is great to go to the show's and find-out what people think of the range.

Looking forward to seeing your painted Banebrood.

I'll open a topic very soon manic miner Smile thanks for the warm welcome!

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