Magnet Analyzer quotation
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Magnet Analyzer quotation
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02-21-2020 08:04 AM
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Magnet Analyzer quotation

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Hard Magnet Analyzer
1. Product Introduction
CIM-3110RMTMagnet Analyzer can measure the peak value, angle, area, width and FWHM of every pole, and automatically judge the number of poles of the magnet ring and polarity of it; statistic analysis of test results and calculate the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of every parameter; it can draw the X-Y curve and polar coordinates curve.
2. Transmission Mechanism
The mechanism can adjust distance between the probe and sample by X, Y, Z stroke.
W axes adopts precision electric rotary platform, by the drive of stepper motor to control the rotary angle of sample, and the angular resolution is 0.01掳.
1Probe HolderUsed to fix the magnetic field (hall) probe.
It can fix the probe in the horizontal or vertical direction.
2Hall ProbeUsed to measure the surface magnetic field.
3JawIt is pure copper nonmagnetic jaw.
4ChunkIt is made by steel, plate nickel and free of maintenance.
5Y axes sliding blockUsed to adjust the front and back position of hall probe.
6Lock claspUsed to lock the Z axes sliding block.
7Chuck baseUsed to fix the chuck.
8Horizontal holder
9X axes sliding blockUsed to adjust the left and right position of hall probe.
10Hand wheelUsed to adjust the up and down position of hall probe.
11Dividing ruler
12Digimatic height gageUsed to display the height of hall probe.
13Z axes fix holderUsed to fix the Z axes sliding block.
3. Sample fixing construction
Adopt high precision 3-jaw self-centering chuck for precision positioning of samples when measuring circular samples. The concentricity is superior to 0.05mm.
The chuck has the nickel plating to avoid the corrosion which was caused by humid environment and oxidation.
The jaw is made of non-magnetic materials (pure copper), to avoid the effect of measured results which is caused by the magnetic conductive of fixture.
Range of sample size:
When measuring the outside surface magnetic field distribution:
OD:桅3mm~桅90mm, Height鈮?5mm
When measuring the internal surface magnetic field distribution:
ID: 桅10mm~桅79mm, Height鈮?5mm(Related to the sample size)
We can design measuring fixture according to sample size and measuring requirements.
Range1KGs, 2KGs,4KGs,8KGs
Min Resolution0.01Gs
AccuracySuperior to 0.5%
4. Hall probe positioning mechanism
The hall probe adopts pure copper handle with square shape and there is positioning slot, together with the location hole and location pin on the L shape aluminum alloy post to make sure the consistency of probe positioning.
[Hall Probe Vertical Installation Diagram]

[Hall Probe Horizontal Installation Diagram]

5. Software functions
(1) The software can run on Windows 7, confirm to Windows software standards, and the operation is simple and intuitive.
(2) There is FFT arithmetic built-in the software; harmonic analysis of test waveform can be conducted; it can display and print the waveform spectrum analysis report and output the amplitude data of every harmonic component.
(3) The software automatically judge the pole number of magnet ring and polarity of pole.
(4) The test results contain the peak value, angle, area, width and FWHM of every pole, absolute and relative angle display can be selected by user.
(5) The test results contain maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of every parameter.
(6) X-Y coordinate curve can be zoom freely, and can dynamically trace and display the coordinate of every point on the curve.
(7) Support all types of ink-jek or laser printer, user symbol and company name can be added to the test report.
(8) There are Chinese and English test reports, it can analog display and can convenient to adjust size and margin.
(9) The test report can be convent to images, so as to convenient to inset picture in the thesis.
(10) Send colorful test report by email, which is much more clear and fast than fax.
(11) With function of database, user can output the test results to EXCEL, which is convenient to analyze it.
(12) Double click on the X-Y coordinate can callout the function of single point capture of test results, the relative angle and magnetic field value of the selected point will be displayed on the bottom of the software.
6. Software interface:
1) Software Interface
2). Measurement curves
(1) X-Y coordinate curve
(2) Pole Coordinate
(3) Spectrogram

7. Specifications
Input powerAC 200~240V 50/60Hz 10A
Dimension460mmx400mmx760mm (L * W * H)
Total powerAbout 500W
System controlPC+6616PX 16 bits data acquisition card
X axes stroke125mm,manual adjust
Y axes stroke25mm, manual adjust
Z axes stroke300mm, manual adjust
W Rotation axesAngle resolution 0.01degree, rotation concentricity鈮?.05mm
Test timeIt can be adjusted, the fast test time is 16 sec/cycle
Measurement rangeWhen measuring the outside surface of cylinder workpiece:
outer diameter: 桅3mm~桅90mm, height鈮?5mm
When measuring the internal surface of cylinder workpiece:
outer diameter: 桅10mm~桅79mm, height鈮?5mm
1KGs, 2KGs, 4KGs, 8KGs
AccuracySuperior to 0.5%
Minimum measured areaTransverse probe: 2.9mm*1.5mm
Temperature coefficient0.06%/鈩?/p>
Measured parametersMeasure the real time surface magnetic field wave of multi-pole permanent magnets; maximum value, minimum value and average value of surface magnetic field; the peak value, angle, area, width, FWHM of every pole; spectral analysis of wave.
A/D Data acquisition16Bits锛宺otation resolution锛?2000 points/360 潞
Repeatability of test resultsLess than 0.5%
SoftwareWindows 7 operating environment, the test results can be saved on hard disk by EXCEL, and can be checked at any time.
Measurement reportX-Y coordinate, polar coordinate and three-dimensional coordinate
Qualification judgmentWith function of polarity distribution, polar area and calculation of peak value, and judge them according to standards.
8. Standard configuration
1Magnet AnalyzerCIM-3110RMT1SET
2Data acquisition cardPC61161PCSInstalled in the computer
3SoftwareMMSystem.exe1PCSInstalled in the computer
4ComputerADVANTECH IPC-510 or EVOC IPC-8101SETWith 18.5 inch monitor
1. Above configuration is the reference for customers, final configuration in the contract shall prevail.
2. The desk in the picture is NOT included in the configuration.
9. Our services
HUNAN LINKJOIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. warrants each instrument of its manufacture to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Our obligation under this warranty is limited to servicing or adjusting any instrument returned to our factory for that purpose. The warranty period is 18 months. On returning the equipment under warranty, the buyer bears the costs for the shipment to LINKJOIN; LINKJOIN bears the costs for returning the device to the buyer. However, the buyer bears all the costs for shipment, taxes and duties, if the device is returned to LINKJOIN from abroad.
The warranty period begins on the date of delivery of the product or later on the date of installation of the product if the product is installed by LINKJOIN, the warranty period begins on the 31st day after delivery, provided that if you schedule or delay the LINKJOIN installation for more than 30 days after delivery.
LINKJOIN warrants the product only if it has been sold by an authorized LINKJOIN employee, sales representative, dealer or LINKJOIN headquarter.
The warranty period does not apply to defects of product result from improper or inadequate maintenance, repair or calibration; unauthorized modification or misuse; improper site preparation or maintenance.
Caution: the hall probe is easy to damage; it's not in the warranty scope list.
10. LINKJOIN Advantages
1. 100% Manufacture
Our company is founded in Loudi, Hunan province. We are specialized in research, manufacture and sales of magnetic measurement instruments. All the products are made by our own factory. So our price is competitive.
2. Quality control
From the material to the final product. All the components together with production procedure are inspected and controlled. We ensure the products have been fully inspected by our QC one by one before shipment.
3. Reliable after sales service
Free training for the operation of equipment in our company, which is provided by our professional training department.
We provide 18 month warranty for the maintenance without charges for components change or repairing (except for fragile parts). We are responsible for lifelong repair and charge appropriately for repair service out of warranty period.
Common Error Operations
(1) Following error operations may cause damage to equipment or effect service life of it.
1. Do not turn on/off equipment according to operation sequences.
2. Do not preheat of instrument, or not enough time to preheat.
4. Directly turn off machine during testing.
(2) Following error operations may lead to test (data) abnormal.
1. When test, did not zero gaussmeter according to operation instructions.
2. Gaussmeter range is set wrong, test waveform is abnormal.
3. Touch sample, probe or transmission mechanism during testing.
4. There is magnetic objects on the test platform during testing.
5. Set wrong test time, it is suggested to set it 16s to 30s.
(3) During testing, the reasons for different in test results for the same sample test with different instruments.
1. Sample is not clamped stable and in the middle.
2. The distance between probe and sample surface is not the same.
3. The packing thickness of probe and hall sensor is different for different manufacturers.
4. Ambient environment: when the sample is tested in different times, the surface magnetic field of sample has difference with ambient temperature.
The Following shall be Operated under the Manufacture Authorization
1. Without the authorization of manufacturer, user can not revise the instrument system parameters.
2. Without the authorization of manufacturer, user can not open the cover to maintain the instrument.
3. Without the authorization of manufacturer, user can not re-install the operating system of computer.
4. Non-professional testers should operate the instrument under the guidance of professional testers.
In case above operations shall be carry out, please contact us in time. Professional engineer in or company will support you. If the user has carried out the above operations without authorization and caused instrument damage, our company will not provide free warranty service(within warranty period).
11.Contact Us
LINKJOIN is staffed Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00pm, excluding holidays.
Please contact us for technical questions, repairing and replacement etc.
Add.: 5F Carve Out Building, Economic Development Zone, Loudi, Hunan,China
Tel: +86-738-8319167 ext 808
Fax: +86-738-8326398
E-mail: export@linkjoin.comMagnet Analyzer quotation
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