Quick Army Builder

I have created a tool for Godslayer.

The purpose was to fast create an Army Builder that will be ergonomic to use - that allows a quick warband creation,

User interface is not super intuitive, however it is fast IMHO

1. buttons -/+ at the left adds or removes an entry
2. each entry content is filtered by already existing unit above (default filter configuration)
3. it allows you to export your build to the text formats used in Warband Compositions subforums
4. deployment and items validation
5. points validation
6. up-to-date data

Requires a JAVA.
To run program just download zip file for your desktop from:
extract and execute a file.

attached a instruction how to use a program

Attached Files
.pdf j3w.godslayer.army-builder.manual.v07.pdf Size: 1.48 MB  Downloads: 3

Important info:
current version is not dedicated for mobile phones

Quick Army Builder was updated, added some features:
- File > New
- File > Save
- File > Load

Also shared the data with examples taken from the bundles available at the shop site.
Everything delivered within the zip file that needs to be downloaded and extracted.

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