Lord of Decay

We played a three player game, with 200 pts. each of Tuathan, Reavers, and Skannfyrd. The Wycca Warriors, with Resilient and Soul Harvest, were hard to kill, and the Lord of Decay dominated. He would lose life points and then restore them with the Life Leecher scythe. He charged Scarjarl and easily killed him. He was charged by Reaver Tyrant and survived, and then killed him. We are all newbies but there was some concern that the Lord of Decay is overpowered. He improves the Resilient ability for himself and Wycca Warriors, and Life Leecher does direct damage and restores life points. He also had the Mammoth Leather Kilt (+1 DEF and +1 ARM). Basically he seemed “unkillable”. Does anyone else think he is too powerful? Any suggestions for how to deal with him?

Your warlord was at least 75 points (without talisman)
Scarjarl was below 60 and was charged.
Reaver Tyrant was 78?

Btw, have you tried to run multiple times same fight after battle? Wink

From what I have read there are many options available (for example the Scarjarl could be backed up by Valkyrie) and the default point limit is around 300 which makes the warbands less rock-paper-scissors Smile

It can happen that somebody that will read closely the rules will tailor his warband to his playstyle having some kind of a plan but also knowledge how to use his rooster. Some of the configurations may be a no-brainer and some other might require some kind of fineness to play.

I have seen some of the tactics articles provided at section CENTER-STAGE ARTICLES. I have went through some of them and I would highly recommend those to read.

The Lord of Decay surely is a tough one, but then again, every warlord is or can be (with some really shining in synergy with other units). From my experience, I wouldn't call the LoD overpowered. Last time I had to face one, my Duskborn Chieftain brought it down in one lucky charge. Smile

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