Banebrood vs Nordgaard
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Banebrood vs Nordgaard
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05-21-2019 12:53 PM
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Banebrood vs Nordgaard

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I introduced Godslayer to a couple of friends, and former WHFB players. Warbands were 200 pts and I chose models/units to provide exposure to many different aspects of the game (melee, missile, spell casting and continuous effects). There was too much going on for me to take notes for a full battle report, but here is a summary.

Bisotaur Shaman
4 Fomorian Gut hackers

6 Fjell Warriors
4 Fimbul Toughborns

The Bisotaur Shaman cast Bugstalk Eyes (+1 DEF) on the Gut hackers and made it permanent. He would later cast Exoskeleton (+1 ARM) and also make it permanent. With good die rolling and the Guthackers Aura of Corruption the Banebrood player was successful on every spell he cast.

The Nordgaard drew first blood as the Toughborns killed one Gut Hacker from long range. The dice were definitely hot, including one critical hit. The Toughborns also used their Stand Ready tactic numerous times to hinder the Banebrood movement.

The Pestbringer got close enough to the Fjell Warriors to use his Rotting Corpse MIS attack. Three warriors became infected with the Bubonic Plague (d3+1 direct damage). They would later die from this.

The Warsmith ordered the Embolden tactic (+1 MOV when charging) on the Fjell Warriors, and gave them an ACT. They were able to charge the Pestbringer, with three models in melee range. After resolving the charge, they spent an ACT to move and bring the rest of the unit in melee range. They were then able to attack again and kill the Pestbringer. The Banebrood player was upset that a bunch of little guys could kill his big model, but I reminded him that it was a good thing that a single model can’t just dominate.

The Gut Hackers charged the Warsmith, losing one model as they moved over the Stand Ready template. The Nordgaard player chose not to counter attack, and failed on three of four protection rolls, which resulted in the Warsmith being killed without striking a single blow.

The Gut Hackers next went for the Toughborns, and using their Circular Slash tactic, easily killed them. The Bisotaur shaman charged the remaining Fjell Warriors and killed them, thus wiping out the Nordgaard warband.

Both players enjoyed the game and will play a couple of more times before deciding on a faction.
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