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miniatures count included in each box is a must

for example:

So, I am able to see at the Warriors of Samhain set that it includes 2 units of 6 Wycca Warriors, but also that there are only four patterns (models sculpts).

So Wycca Warriors box for 30 EUR has same model count as Scabhta Hunters or Cromlech Guard which is 5 or 6, or 4?

Adding miniatures count to the "Additional Information" tab would be a great idea from my point of view.

Usually, the pictures of troop packs show the number and type of the miniatures included (so 5 for the Scabthas for example). But this is not always the case; and a clear number in the description would indeed be very helpful.

Btw, welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for the suggestion.
I will get the miniatures count added for all models in the shop.

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