Using a Technocrat with undead

Hello there. Slowly getting back into Godslayer, and trying to build an interesting Mortan force.

As I like both the Technocrat and the Legio Mortum are my favourite Godslayer unit (Zombie Legionaires! Nothing not to like there) Sadly, it appears there is little synergy between them.

So what would be the best idea to utilize them? Use the Legio Mortum as screen/speedbumb for Siege Engines and have a Necromagus support the Legio?

The problem will be that both sections will not support each other.
What you said makes sence when you are defending but it will fail if you have to advance (the enemy will hide behind cover and stays out of sight for the artillery).
Then he will Smash the Legio murtum. After that the way will be free to Charge your artillery.

So it depends a lot on the scenario if you will win or loose.
If you play more legio mortum your Support will be limitied and your Technocrat is of no use.
If you play more Technocrat + Artillery your legio murtum is limited and your Necromagus may not use its strengths in good way...
This is quite a Dilemma.

Artillary + technocrat is quite point intensive. So there is not a lot points left for legio mortum.

If I would face this army I would rush forward so the Necromagus does not have too much time to buff the undead. Also as soon as I am in Close combat your artillery is not effective anymore (would kill their own ranks).
So I would try to force you into close combat in round 2, eliminate (under some losses) your legio mortum in round 3 and 4 and hunt down your artillery in round 5 and 6. That's my plan...

I fear I have to second spy's reasoning. So far, when playing Mortans they always seemed to work best if the force is more or less build from one sub-faction alone (notwithstanding the odd character or unit from another one - or some artillery support for your legions). The synergies within a Technostratum or Magistratum force are too good to squander. Smile

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Thanks for the commentary, it is as I feared. Hoped the warmachines and technocrat could give me enough battlefield control, but the lack of synergy hurts too much.

Guess I will go for plan B: The Horde of Zombies.

just take 2 boltthrower and legio mortum based list, can be quite strong.


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