Master of Undeath

Thanks for the insight, David!
I appreciate also a rich background, so I`m looking forward to your next articles Smile

Wow, a whole menagerie of violence!
That would be extremely fun to paint - fur and hooves and horns in endless variation! Thrilling!
And with the lycanthropes and stuff, Banebrood will be the perfect choice for any animal friend (and, ok, monster friend ;-).

Thanks to your astounding speed in publishing new models, I even believe I will meet all these niceties during my lifetime :-)
Keep it up, guys!

And thanks David for your patient and open communication!

(01-09-2013, 10:17 PM)David Wrote:  At the moment the future subfactions are tentative, but yes we have concepts for a Centaurs subfaction for Banebrood. This will not be dull, boring generic centaurs, these ill be diverse and cool!
They may include medium cavalry stag-centaurs, heavy cavalry buffalo centaurs, and as a creature a monstrous mastadon-Centaur, or how about rhino centaurs etc. There are so many cool possibilities that they deserve their own subfaction. And it will enable us to give them a good subfaction ability really fitting to such creatures and their nomadic way of life. The centaurs subfaction will likely make its debut in wave-2. These are all just concepts right now, but we will be getting them nailed-down soon.

Lycanthropes are the same - they is potential for a great variety of coolness, not just boring werewolves. They would likely be in wave-3 (a couple of years away).

There will also be many future hideous abominations added to the Banebrood as creatures.

Eventually most or all factions will likely have 4 sub-factions, but that will probably be in Wave-3 when we introduce them.
I can't really say more at this point.

Shapeshifer mechanic is easy - a profile card with two deifferent stat-lines and abilities only available in each specific form. Tuathan Morph-Cult Wyldfolk will probably have shapeshifters.

We have big plans, but first we need to complete wave-1 models and make them popular :-)


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