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Ahoi everyone,

Tomorrow we will release the Godslayer character models of the starter boxes as planned. In addition we will also release the starter box warlord models tomorrow!

So from now on, you can get all the miniatures available to you in one of the starter boxes individually! Please don´t forget that you can also purchase each of the unit models individually when you click on the "Single Miniatures" section of each of the mail orders Godslayer faction section.

More releases (real new releases!) will follow on 27th December and will be available for pre-order by tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks and regards,

Great news. Wink


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That sounds great. Looking forward for these new releases.

Yeah, that sounds really great!
Can't wait for those new releases...
(I'm hoping that the Ursapine is one of them...)

So, we get new preorders today? I'm hoping for Reaver Tribesmen. (Though I guess we'll get only previewed minis and the Shaman)

Ok, so the next pre-orders have been put online and also we put a new news item on the website!

Unfortunately we had these technical issues which delayed our whole release plan...

I am promising that after the next three releases we will have a much shorter timeframe between each release! Those models are nearly all done! Smile

Arrch! Technical issues.

The issue with the timeframe of the starter models was that they already did exist. The new don't, so there are less complaints when they are delayed. (Still happy about the shorter timeframe!)

ADDENDUM: I want to see the ursapine!

Pictures of the Ursapine will be available as soon as we receive the mini from the painter! Smile This was another thing that got delayed... But I guess next week you can see images of the painted Ursapine, the painted Beasthunter and in between you will be able to have a look at some new sculpts planned for end of January, beginning of February!

Yay Big Grin

The timeframe is no problem for me. I have to finish painting my starterbox and four more Hoplites. So, I´ve enough to work on. But I really miss some announcements for my Halodynes.


Godslayer in Kaiserslautern - if you want to play in KL please contact me here or join our Forum

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