Halodyne box - finished!

Hooray! Now just to fill out the Hoplites and wait patiently for the Hill Ogres and Sanctum Priestess.

[Image: IMAG0510.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0513.jpg]

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Beautiful starterbox! Nicely done.


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Wow, that's really awesome!

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Very good paintjob!!!!

Very cool.

Maybe a light wash of light-grey or blue-grey in the horse-hair would be nice.

Yeah, I was looking at the Demarchon last night. Think I missed that bit! He has since had a light smoke wash around the base of his, um...., helmet-hair.

Only just found these, very nice. I like the different approach on those loincloth-ish bits (having them in a light colour and the cloth under them in a dark colour), makes them stand out somehwat.

These look really great, nice job man!.

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