New Releases - 29th November 2012

I have just updated our mailorder! Smile

ome of the release dates show 6th december. that's because we don't ant to put in 29th if it is not 100% sure that our boxes arrive until then.

That's great. Do you already know which models will be in the next release?


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I guess it will be the individual models. After that, we get new sculpts Big Grin

Question about the leaders: Is there an accurate way to distinguish between troopers and leaders (particularly for Banebrood and Troglodytes)? For me it seems a bit arbitrary (again Banebrood and Troglodytes).

On the back of each box you can see which model is the leader or musician etc.
I hope that´s fine! If you mark your bases with L, M and numbers like recommended in the rulebook, you can also determine the leader of any player by looking for the model marked with L Smile

And of course you can be creative to mark special models. I build a nice little "banner pole" attached to the back of the Brutes' leader, like a spiky sashimono. This way, the leader is immediately recognizable. Wink

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Ok so no clear difference on the miniatures themselves and as long as I mark my miniatures I can use any miniature as leader Smile

- GODSLAYER Troglodytes - Ironhide Brutes Trooper Box

This is always the trooper without helmet?
1-1-3 units dont look so great. Do you plan to release the trooper2 model somehow?

There is the possibility to order the models separately on our mail order!
There you can also find the trooper 2 model, but it is being shipped without an official box, so just the plastic bag with the miniature:

Same is true for all other unit models.

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