Stormbow Beasthunter Preview

Here´s another sculpt WIP image! This one is the Stormbow Beasthunter of the Wyldfolk with a height of 45mm (head to toe).

[Image: MegalithGames_Godslayer_StormbowBeasthunter.jpg]

This is a hunter!

I like the dynamics of the models.

Looks very nice. I would just adjust the head a bit so that he looks straight forward. Maybe it's the angle of the pictures Smile

I`m looking forward to this fellow!
Looks great.

I'm new to the site, but came to play quite a few skirmishes with the Wyldfolk. I'm thrilled to unbox my Starterbox, which will arrive on Tuesday, and lead these magnificent guys into battle without having to use proxies...

Why I start writing on the site in this particular thread?
Well I am an archer myself - as a hobby, not a job, of course...
And while agreeing completely to Sashgo's view of the head poise, but I think he should not look straight ahead - a hunter would fixate his target while drawing an arrow, thus he would be looking in the direction of his bow - not downwards, well, I think you get the image... And there's another tiny issue that came to my eye while seeing the Beasthunter's back: One NEVER uses the whole hand to draw an arrow out of the quiver, one uses the tips of the thumb, index-finger and middle-finger. This is imminent for a speedy draw and a shot-sequence. The Beasthunter, however, looks like he's thrusting something invisible INTO the quiver, rather than preparing for a new shot at his designated prey...

In every single other aspect this model is magnificent! I like the trophy details and the bonemask. And, hell, those gritted teeth are a look to scare the shit out of any sentient prey he locks his sight on. I really enjoy your work - and of course that you ask the community for opinion before finishing your greens!
I itch for conversing some models, especialy the Pendragon, I just like giving my boys 'n' girls a personal touch... And seeing some of the models my pals have from your range, I have to say it's the best work in white metal I've seen yet. Keep up the good work guys, we really need some more Fey and those horned Lynx you mentioned in the Lore... ;-)

(12-03-2012, 02:21 AM)Manus Atra Wrote:  we really need some more Fey and those horned Lynx you mentioned in the Lore... ;-)
*secretively murmuring* there'll be a big wave in the future and they shall call it wave 2... Smile

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

I'm intrigued... Sounds near... Which is fine with me!!! Big Grin
Till then I'll have to beat the crap out of anybody coming near my Bladeslingers... or my Cromlech Guard surrogates, come to that... *evilgrin*

Well first we need to release all of Wave-1, which means all the models in the rulebook. So we are looking at the 4th Quarter of next year as the earliest possible release date for Wave-2.

I would say at this point, Lynx riders look very probable, and certainly there will be some cool Tuathan.

Wave-1 focusses on the Tribal sub-faction of the Wyldfolk. Wave-2 will be more about Tuathan and Fiannor.

Nice to know.... I'm itching for more, I can tell you... But well it's a clean and fast schedule for more waves you have there! I really appreciate it! :-)

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