Feral Fleshpounder Preview

To keep you informed about our next releases, we decided to post some WIP images of future sculpts!

Here you can see the Feral Fleshpounder for the Troglodytes! This nice guy has a height of 85mm from head to toe and will be released in December!

[Image: MegalithGames_Godslayer_Fleshpounder.jpg]

*chant* We want more - We want more *chant* Wink

Looks absolutely awesome. What else can you say here?

Awesome how it matches the artwork. I've not seen the Hammerfist in person. Will the Fleshpounder be larger with its 85mm?

the hammerfist is 55mm, the fleshpounder is 30mm higher! Smile that´s quite a lot! Smile

I like how dynamic it looks Smile I hope the other subfaction troops will get released soon. (Reavers, Legio Mortem)

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