GodSlayeR still Alive in NoRth Poland

Hey guys. Don't know how's with GodSlayer in your areas, but in our Tricity in the NoRth of Poland we still play from time to time Wink Now there's 4 active gamers and we met today to play some friendly battles.
HanSolo and his not-so-dead Mortans clashed against EdeluR's Skannfyrds, and Ghost's Halodynes fought against my beastly BaneBrood.

[Image: WP_20170609_17_23_43_Pro.jpg]

[Image: WP_20170609_17_22_44_Pro.jpg]

Here are some photos from the game in which I wasn't involved, it had to end because the place was getting closed. Maybe HanSolo will write something more about the battle:

[Image: WP_20170609_17_30_16_Pro.jpg]

[Image: WP_20170609_17_30_22_Pro.jpg]

[Image: WP_20170609_18_55_19_Pro.jpg]

[Image: WP_20170609_18_55_10_Pro.jpg]

Sorry for the poor pictures, I borrowed my regular camera and had to take photos with phone.

About my game against Halodynes - it was a chance to test the new Chimera, and she was my Warlord! Smile

[Image: WP_20170609_17_39_11_Pro.jpg]

I had a simple army with her, 5 Guthackers, 9 Tribesmen and Fellow Shaman with Gigantic Jaws.
The enemy had 3 units of Sons of War, ORacle and Priestess.

I won't write all about the battle - it was bloody, Guthackers showed their class, killing most of the Sons of War.

The Chimera used 4 of her rich 5 options of attack Smile First she burned a little the ORacle (which can be seen in the photo - a crit with 5 and 5 for hit! Smile ). Then she used her great 2-inches Snake tail attack (which with the range of a charge give her 12inches attack option!), some Two Heads attack and even teared up the Priestess with claws.
Interesting beast Smile

[Image: WP_20170609_18_34_34_Pro.jpg]

She lost many life points, was seriously wounded, but survived the whole game. She was charged by one Son of War and lost 12 LP in two attacks, but after that got angry and fought better Wink

And in the end - what's better to finish off the enemy than a little canibalistic party? Wink

[Image: WP_20170609_18_42_05_Pro.jpg]

Now we're thinking about playing some mini-tournament. With 4 players, gaming 3 times against different enemies Smile

And how's GodSlayer in your areas?...

PozdRawiam / Greetings

thx for the report.

In Bruges Godslayer isn't dead either. We have +- 10 players who frequently play Godslayer. I think we will have boost if the 2end wave comes out. we have a few players waiting to learn the game, they are just waiting for the 2end wave to chose a fraction.

all the comments of all players is: One of the best games strategic wise of all wargames. just the release time between new things is a bit to long.
But we will kick ass and promote Godslayer like never befor if 2end wave commes out !

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"You have to learn the rules of the game.
And then you have to play better than anyone else."
Albert Einstein

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