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European tournament

So I was thinking about an tournament and maybe there could be some sort of European tournament / competition. An official list of tournaments in wich competants can participate and earn points. The best 4 - 5 results count. Once every year there the top 2 - 4 players could play against eachoter in a European final (and earn the title Godquester of the year lol). So I am curious if there is enough interest and motivation amongst the players and clubs for such a project?

Very nice and curious idea. In my case it would depend on where those tournaments would be organized (you know, Eastern Europe is quite far away Tongue )

Hi Hansolo, there would be only oen tournament abroad, the final. But distance could be a problem indeed. Maybe splitting the continent in two or three, west, (central), east.

The idea is to make a ranking per country, the best 2 - 4 players of each country get to play the final.

By so far I have these ideas:
- Official tournaments shoud be announced on a 'official' medium (like this forum or a facebook group, website,...) a few weeks before the tournement. the announcement should mention the place, time, costs to participate, ...

Tournament organisers should have quite a level of freedom
- a list of scenarios wich are ok for the tournament (balanced scenarios) so organizers can pich scenarios from this list.
- Battle levels varying from 160 to 450 pts
- 2 to 5 battles per tournament
- Best 3 (or 4) campaign results are takin into account on the ranking lists
- The ranking per country should be vieuwble on the 'official' medium
- minimum number of players to be accepted as official tournament: 6 (or 8) players

- players earn points per battle (win = 5, draw = 3, loss = 2, enemy warlord killed = 1,)
- painting points (not painted = 0, 4 colours = 2, wow-effect = 4, base = 1)

I am verry intrested in how many people would participate in this. Maybe the company could give some support if the project should be a succes.
Right now it's just an idea to have official tournaments and some kind of ranking.

It's a great idea, but unfortunately I fear I won't be free to participate within this or the next year (as I have little to no time for the hobby at the moment, as indicated by my sparse presence here and elsewhere).
However, I would very much enjoy to see something like this getting kicked off.

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

Hi Khal,
Its a great idea, and I agree on all points.

Its something for the future after the KS, when we have re-awakened sleeping players and brought in fresh blood.

Megalith would definitely commit to provide prize support.


Hi David. I die not See Your reply. Great to Read the positie reactions.

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