300 Pts Halodynes Oppression

I would take against this:
Bisotaur Shaman,
2 Ursapines.
The Ursapine with Long Legs spell can move 20 inches per round, so at the end of round-1 they have already crossed the middle of the board. They can then use Rolling Doom tactic to roll through the defensive line of the Hill Ogres, and engage the Oracle. Meanwhile the Guthackers move up to charge the Hill Ogres.

Or more fun - Tyrant, 2 units of Reaver Tribesmen (to eat the Oracle and Ogres) and a Chimera to battle the heavy stuff. The Oracle's immunity to magic, and shooting and her +2 DEF from Levitate will not help her one bit against three hungry Tribesmen. The Subfaction ability also allows them to heal damage from Chain Lightning which usually does not kill with the first casting.

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