What's happening with Godslayer?
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What's happening with Godslayer?
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10-24-2017 01:23 PM
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What's happening with Godslayer?

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We are about 90% ready with the Kickstarter.

The future of Godslayer depends on this Kickstarter. We must get it right.

If it is a moderate success, then we can continue limping on and complete all of wave-2, but releases will still not be the speed we all want, and the game will not be a true success.

What I want, (and I guess so do all Godslayer players), is to really hit big with the KS and bring in lots of investment capital. This will push us over the chicken-and-egg point and provide the money to fund lots of releases beyond just the KS.

What I mean by chicken-and-egg is that players do not want to buy into a game that has few minis and slow releases. But no game can produce lots of minis and fast releases without lots of players buying into it. You see it’s a catch-22.

Well now Godslayer has a decent amount of minis to interest new players, especially after the KS releases. Plus most of the weak minis from wave-1 have been replaced (Ursapine, Wyldfolk etc).

So I am hopeful that with a big KS campaign we can attract lots of new players and pass the chick-and-egg point so that the game is completely self-funding at a high level. In this case I will also be able to make Godslayer a full-time job.

I have so many great plans with new models, new sub-factions, new factions, campaigns and other expansions.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of info on the forum, I have been posting all relevant stuff on the Megalith-Games Facebook page to save time.

Well good news so far is:
• All sculpts for the wave-2 starter-boxes are finished!
• Also there are 7 stretch-goal minis finished,
• All minis for the Battlebox are finished.
• All art for the minis is also finished
• Play-testing for the starter-box releases is almost complete.

So what's left to get done for the KS?

1. Need at least 6 further stretch-goal minis sculpted
2. Some battle-scenes and duels artwork for the KS campaign
3. Graphics for all the various deals prepared (that's underway)
4. paint the minis (they are currently waiting to be cast)
5. Pre-KS promotion with the painted minis through BoW, WI and other channels.
6. Create a 30-second animation video
7. Big photo-shoot with painted minis on cool terrain to update the photos in the rule-book and create photos of the deals.
8. Packaging and card layout (can also be done after the KS)

What I need in order to complete the KS preparation is about 3,500 - 5,000 EUR.

Godslayer is not at all self-funding yet, so it relies on my personal investment.

As many know, co-creator Andre left Megalith about 18 months ago. That means 50% of the investment dried up. Plus business from my regular job was terrible the last 6 months, so I could not invest much. This delayed the KS back by 6 months.

Current planned KS launch date is first week of March.

If you want to help make this happen, there are two things you can do:

1. Buy Godslayer miniatures! Complete your faction or get another faction. There are awesome faction deals running right now for Halodynes, Wyldfolk and Troglodytes. EVERY cent that comes in is going towards funding the KS preparation.

2. Help with the final play-testing. A few models of the starter deals still need final testing. Plus all the rest of Wave-2 still needs some testing and checking. Contact me at david@megalith-games.com.

So what's planned for the Kickstarter?

See my other post....
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