What's happening with Godslayer?
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What's happening with Godslayer?
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01-21-2017 09:52 PM
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RE: What's happening with Godslayer?

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Hi Guys,

I want to update everyone on the current situation with Godslayer.

While Godslayer has slowly slid into pretty much a dormant system over the last 18 months, the re-release of the game is drawing near. This will include six Wave-2 starter-boxes plus the new Godslayer Battlebox.

The Godslayer Battlebox will have two full warbands plus the core rules:

Godquester, Syntarch, Priestess, 10 Hoplites, new Cerberos (being sculpted)
Revised Gorelord, new Ursapine, Pestbringer, Fallow Shaman, 8 Mongrels.

The Battlebox will be A3 size, with professional foam inside so it will double as a storage box for minis.

Due to falling sales (and reduction in income from my regular job) this has meant development progress has slowed down. Sculpting 60 new miniatures is a very expensive investment! So that is why things have been taking longer.

I have planned the Kickstarter for the end of April. Plans are for a really big Kickstarter with great deals for the wave-2 minis and battlebox, plus new Nemesis products from Labmasu, terrain deals and lots of some special edition cards for some units, warlords, items and spells.

There will also be many special deals for wave-1 warbands. Each of these will have a specific name and background and will be led by a special named warlord who is has a variant card of the regular warlord.

The Kickstarter will have lots of stretch goals, including six new mercenary models which can be used by any faction. There will also be 6 avatars, which will be high-powered models for use in games over 500 points, but can also be deployed for 1 round in smaller games.

Most of the miniatures for the Kickstarter are now sculpted. Still to be sculpted:
• Stormhorn Stagotaur
• New Cerberos
• Troglodyte Mercenary Chieftain
• Nordgaard Huscarls
• Nordgaard Gestir Captain
• 8 stretch-goal minis

There is also lots of artwork that needs to be done, but we should be able to make it in time.
For photos of the new minis, you can find them all on the Megalith-games Facebook page.

Sculpted minis already finished are:
New Mongrels unit
Revised Gorelord
Extra Hoplite troopers and revised spear arms for the existing ones
New Ursapine

Amazon Peltasts unit (6 models)
Amazon Matriarch
Amazon Ranger
Fomorian Goreguard unit, with two weapon versions (6 models)
Fomorian Baleking
Mortan Provincial
Mortan Provincial auxiliaries unit with two weapon versions (6 models)
Mortan Cornicen character
Troglodyte Blackhides (5 models)
Troglodyte Woe-Chanter character
Wyldfolk Godquester
Wyldfolk Woad Brothers unit (6 models)
Wyldfolk Rhiastrad Warp-Warrior

Because there were lots of problems with our shipping system in Germany due to our shipping partner down-sizing and moving warehouse twice, I decided to relocate the stock to Italy, and Marco from Labmasu will be taking over the shipping of Godslayer based in Milano. Marco is also coming on board as a partner of Megalith Games – which makes me very happy!

The stock will be moved probably over the next two weeks.
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