The BaneBrood Plague rising in Halodynes land - 300pts Battle Report

...The Reaver Tyrant, named ThoRmund was reaping the chests of slayed Halodynes, putting fresh, new hearts in his bag.
Smiling cruelly.
His family and his tribe was growing stronger with every win. With every killed man.

Yet they knew, that each win will make them even more hated.
They hunt, but they are and will be hunted.

And ThoRstein, younger brother of ThoRmund and their ranger, already saw a tracks of some new enemies. It was obvious, that Halodynes will come for revenge. Will send fresh man to destroy the BaneBrood.
Yet ThoRmund didn’t want to just wait for them. He wanted to welcome them with arms wid open!

He had to come back to his lands to recruit new soldiers, but he wanted to have some shares in the gains of war, so he talked with his brother ThoRstein and both decided to send a pack of Tribesmen with Ravager further into the lands of Halodynes.
Especially, that they knew they won’t be going there alone.


Few miles later ThoRstein felt a specific scent and smiled. He took his 9 Tribesmen closer and they saw a unit of five Fomorian GutHackers, big, brutal beasts, wielding axe-picks. They were great warriors, but easy to track down. Behind them stood even bigger creature, Bisotaur Shaman, with a mist of dark magic.

[Image: IMG_5576.jpg]

ThoRstein was sneaking in the forests, when he saw Halodynes. He ordered his Tribesmen to wait a moment, so the Fomorians will come closer. From a distance he saw the proud warriors clad in golden armour, led by Demarchon. He even saw some Priestess between the soldiers and thought to himself, that he really want her heart...

[Image: IMG_5575.jpg]

He also saw giant Hill Ogres, close in weight to Fomorians, but maybe even more resilient. Yet they were moving more clumsy and slower. Ravager was intrigued, how a fight between those big ogres and GutHackers would look like.

[Image: IMG_5577.jpg]

Halodynes didn’t have such good rangers like Reavers, so their army wasn’t prepared to fight against GutHackers. Their elite warriors – three Sons of War and four Hill Ogres – were great fighters with high morale, yet for the first time they saw BaneBrood in it’s brutal glory. They were led by Demarchon, accompanied by Syntarch and Priestess.

[Image: IMG_5580.jpg]

The Halodynes quickly lined formations, their Priestess started to envigorate Demarchon. They were coming fast against the BaneBrood.
Ravager felt the blood rusihing quickly and go forward to shoot his bow against Hill Ogres – he even hit, but their hard armour was almost unpenetrable.

[Image: IMG_5582.jpg]

Meanwhile, the big Shaman started to mutate his Fomorian companions – Halodynes saw, how the legs of beasts grow stronger and even longer, and they start to move quicker!

[Image: IMG_5581.jpg]

The Sons of War came closer, Hill Ogres too. The Reavers also were getting near enemies, yet no one wanted to charge.

Fomorians were far away.
Ravager tried to hit someone with his arrows, yet Halodynes bonced his missiles.

Finally the first contact was made – Sons of War were to far for a charge, feeling safe, yet nobody wanted to charge them. The plan was different. Tribesmen moved closer, engaging the elite Halodynes and then climbing upon them in devastating, terrifying spectacle of blood – Eaten Alive!
Two Sons of war felt to the ground, wounded, only one stood on his legs.

[Image: IMG_5586.jpg]

Next the most important action of the battle occured – Fomorian GutHackers howled loudly and started an impossibly long, brutal charge – in few quick moments they leaped the whole path between them and Hill Ogres and smashed into the Halodynes elite unit!
This attack was brutally powerfull and effective, their axe-picks were circuling around, blood splattered everywhere, and the Ogres that weren’t hit by weapons were just bitten by the beasts. As the terrified Halodynes saw now, the beasts were in an amok, and were hosting some kind of creepy plague and infecting the ogres! Even though Halodynes tried to strike back in reaction, circuling their spears, no one hit the mutated, quicker Fomorians.

After just one attack the whole Ogre unit was dead!

[Image: IMG_5587.jpg]

Even though Sons of War stood up and killed few Tribesmen, the morale was low. Especially that two Sons paid the prize of their lifes to do this.

[Image: IMG_5591.jpg]

The Demarchon joined the fight, the Syntarch charged with his swords and survived an attack of two GutHackers. The Halodynes destroyed most of the Tribesmen unit and forced them to flee.

The proud leader of Halodynes showed his valor and charged alone against the GutHackers and killed two of them, yet got wounded, and, what’s maybe worse, got infected with the Plague.
In meantime Ravager charged and killed the last Son of War.

[Image: IMG_5596.jpg]

The death was taking its toll.
Three GutHackers fought Demarchon, who were bravely hitting with his spear and killed one of the beasts, yet got wounded again and again. The Priestess healed him a bit, yet she couldn’t help the Syntarch – he was charged by ThoRstein and decapiteted in a powerful blow!

[Image: IMG_5599.jpg]

Demarchon blocked Guthacker’s blow with his shield and was preparing to thrust his spear, so he couldn’t see the Ravager coming from behind.
The scream of Priestess made him look back but it was to late – the axe felt on his back and Demarchon felt to the ground, into the mud and blood.

[Image: IMG_5600.jpg]

ThoRstein growled and looked and the Priestess – she wanted to run, yet didn’t had the time. The wild ranger charged and it was the end of the battle.

He won the heart of a woman.
Such a classic romantic.

[Image: IMG_5601.jpg]

Bisotaur Shaman was slowly coming closer. The mutation spells started to vaporize, Fomorians came back to their normal sizes. They were scavenging some new armour plates, ripping them from victims.

[Image: IMG_5602.jpg]

The blood frenzy was leaving Ravager. He was getting calmer.
ThoRstein was standing above the Priestess, like in some coma, with cold blood on his hands and her heart in his hand. He was looking deep into the eyes of Halodynes wizard, eyes so cold now, yet still so deep... This was the most beautiful woman he ever saw, the most perfect thing he ever came close to.
And he destroyed this beauty.

He felt something weird in his chest, in his guts.

Something like sadness.


Thanks for reading – Greetings from NoRtheRn Poland!

[Image: IMG_5603.jpg]

More photos can be found here.

A very close battle.Guthackers seemed to do well.
I like the building you have on the table.Is is bought or home made?

(09-28-2016, 02:18 PM)manic _miner Wrote:  I like the building you have on the table.Is is bought or home made?

I'm not completely sure, because we was using terrain from a local gaming club, but I think it's home made building. Nice one, I agree Smile

PozdRawiam / Greetings


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