The Empire's struggle (Mortan vs Halodyne 300 pts)

War. War never changes. Especially in the sinister Mortan Empire. At every given time, at least one border in engulfed in raging conflict.

At one flank, Banebrood barbarians are pillaging the land, raiding deeper and deeper into the heart of the Empire. The dire situation even forced an unwritten alliance with some Halodyne City-States.

But there are many City-States, each one acting independently. When some Halodyne try to stop the barbarian invasion, the others are more interested in pushing into Mortan Empire.

Mortans don't have the men to fight on all fronts. But luckily, in the Empire you don't need men to fight. Only their corpses...

So the army of the dead faced the invading Halodyne forces.

[Image: IMG_20160908_175753_HDR_zpsqem1u3ib.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160908_175807_HDR_zpsugw7kwg9.jpg]
Since my friend don't have all the minis yet, he had to proxy the Priestess

At first both armies just marched forward, trying to anticipate the enemy's moves. Both Necromagi summoned more dead into the fight, Moloch moved forward, and Princeptor moved to protected the Mortifex.

On the other side of the battlefield the Priestess helped Demarchon in leading the troops (Archon Aura), Hoplites formed their famous Phalanx, and Syntarch got ready to engage the incoming enemies (Counterstrike).

[Image: IMG_20160908_181910_HDR_zps6r124xuy.jpg]
End of turn one

And then, the mighty Undead beast charged into the best of Halodyne - the Sons of War! It got in exchange engaged by the Syntarch, but Moloch's tail seriously wounded one of the Sons.

[Image: IMG_20160908_182831_HDR_zpsfypazt8k.jpg]

But after that Sons of war showed that their fame did not come out of nothing! With only two powerful blows, they managed to cut the construct into the pieces.

[Image: IMG_20160908_183717_HDR_zpsanwnpt5w.jpg]
Moloch's final moments

And the brave Syntarch rushed to engage the Mortan commander, but was stopped by his Princeptor bodyguard.

[Image: IMG_20160908_184843_HDR_zpszvdmoycj.jpg]

Necromagi tried to raise as many undead as quickly as they could, and then send them to outflank the enemy. But when Hoplite Phalanx took the middle ground, the Mortan's situation started to look badly.

[Image: IMG_20160908_185759_HDR_zpskqq9kh3p.jpg]
End of turn two

But one should remember and beware the dreadful magic of the Empire! With few hand signs, Mortifex casted the Enigmatic Wave upon the Phalanx, wiping out all but two of the Hoplites.

[Image: IMG_20160908_190557_HDR_zps8iirofxh.jpg.html?sort=3&o=5]
Hoplites annihilated

But in response the two brave Hoplites engaged the Legio Mortum near them, destroying some of the zombies. And the famed Sons of Wars charged into another undead unit. Though there were only three of them, they almost wiped out the entire unit.

As for Syntarch and Princeptor - they were still locked in a fight, equal in skill.

[Image: IMG_20160908_194057_HDR_zpsdy7uknzz.jpg]
End of turn three

Mortifex, seeing what the three Sons of War did to his army, decided he must kill them at all cost. Once again he casted the Enigmatic Wave, but he killed only two troopers - one of the Sons, and of his undead.

[Image: IMG_20160908_194755_HDR_zps2zqdhe0t.jpg]
After Mortifex's spell

And Demarchon, seeing what happened to his Hoplites, decided to join the fight, and plunged the spear into the second undead unit.

[Image: IMG_20160908_195128_HDR_zpsh4hve13p.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160908_195313_HDR_zpsbapxsoih.jpg]
Demarchon, and nicely painted one too

As for Syntarch and Princeptor - they finally resolved their duel, plunging they swords through each other, dying in the same moment.

[Image: IMG_20160908_195617_HDR_zpshyw6xoyr.jpg]
Last moment - Syntarch attacked, Princeptor counterattacked, both died

Unfortunately, the rest of the battle in shrouded in mystery, and we'll never knew the true outcome...


Well, truth is that we had to end our game, because the gaming club was closing. It was the first time I faced the Halodyne, and also the first time my oponent faced the Mortans (in fact, it was his second game in Godslayer).

I underestimated the Sons of War, thinking "meh, what three dudes can do to my army?". Well, they can do a lot Tongue Also the Demarchon's ability to give away a free action token, combined with Archon Aura - that's just insane amount of tokens to give away!

So, in the end, there were Demarchon, Priestess, two Hoplites and two Sons of War, facing Mortifex, two Necromagi and two units of Legio Mortum (one 2 men strong, other 4 or 5 men strong). To be honest, I'm still not certain who would win that - let's just say that battle ended inconclusive Wink

Not all the battles in history has determined its winner. I think that Halodynes will announce their win, while Mortans will spread the words of their great victory Wink That's just how it works.
And maybe the battle stopped because some other, greater foe arised near by? Wink...

It's great that our community is growing. And it's also nice, that Maciek started to paint his army already. I knew that he will have his army painted faster, than me, even though I have my minis for so longer Big Grin

I'm also looking forward to fight against Sons of War, their abilities and fame make me want to check, if they bleed and taste just like other men Wink

PozdRawiam / Greetings

Nice battle report.

The Moloch did not seem to last long.

Nice to see the miniatures starting to show some colour too Wink.

When is the next battle then?

Well, against three brothers of War and a Syntarch, even a ragtag undead flesh golem might severly test its un-mortality, so to speak.

Smashing empires of man is a moral duty

I think the Mortan line was spread too thin. where the Halodynes seemed to be more central.

Need to get me one of those Molochs.Very nice looking miniature.

What would be the next addition to the Mortan force then?


Maybe I was a little spread, but the plan was to flank the Halodyne forces, encircle then with Legio Mortum and then chop them without the way out. I only didn't anticipate the damage output of the Sons of War Tongue

As for the next addition: for the Magistratum, I think I'll wait for the wave-2 to add some more flexibility in building undead armies Wink

(09-22-2016, 07:31 PM)manic _miner Wrote:  When is the next battle then?

The blood on the ground is still warm, the corpses fresh and the death still haunts the battlefield - another brutal battle just finished.

More about it in near future Wink

PozdRawiam / Greetings

I think trying to encircle his force could have went really wrong.He could have just side stepped to one side and wiped them out then turned around to finish the others off.
Still a good game.

To encircle the enemy is quite a bad idea if you have the second slowest faction in the whole game

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

In the empire’s struggle you need to passed the border in which you will get the reward after you passed out the stages. Check here the whole policy and enjoy your game.

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